Whirly Wraps – Are you a Whirly Girl?

Are you a Whirly Girl? Do you appreciate jewelry that is both beautiful and practical? Farmers Market Finds believes that once you take a look at Whirly Wraps, the amazing, hand-crafted bracelets made in Athens Georgia, you will be a Whirly Girl!  Whirly Wraps are the most recent venture in the creative life of Mercedes Dewey.  Mercedes, a former singer, dancer and now artist, has lived her life creating beautiful works. Her current venture, Whirly Wraps are custom designed, hand-crafted bracelets. Sold at the Athens Farmers Market, in Athens, Georgia, these bracelets are like no others; both the magnetic fastening system and the hook closure allow you to put the bracelet on by yourself – no more asking for help to fasten your bracelet! From the first time I looked at the amazing Whirly Wraps, I knew I was going to be a Whirly Girl!

whirly collage

Such a beautiful selection of Whirly Wraps! Leather, silk, cork with a wide variety of clasps too!

Whirly Wraps come in an amazing variety of colors, materials and styles – with such an outstanding selection of beauty and individuality you will likely find that one particular bracelet “speaks” to you. Or, if you’re like me, you find 10 that you love and just have to buy them one (or two!) at a time! Whirly’s are made from remnants of Sari silk, precision cut, genuine leather with certified lead-free dyes, cotton and Portuguese cork. Cork is a great renewable, sustainable material that is eco-friendly and vegan, holds color beautifully, and is the perfect weight for summer time!

Cork Whirly Wrap

Cork Whirly Wraps are fun, easy to wear, and so unique. Find one already made or custom order one designed just for you!

One of the best things about Whirly Wraps is they are all the same price! I love the idea that no matter which one I like, I don’t have to worry about paying more for a certain clasp or material. In addition to the easy pricing, once you buy your first Whirly Wrap you automatically get a Whirly Girl discount your next purchases! So, if you have trouble picking just one Whirly Wrap, no worries…the price goes down after your first purchase!

Whirly Wraps are for men, too!

Whirly Wraps are for men, too!

Every Whirly comes in its own metal gift box to keep the magnet from making too many friends on your dressing table. Every Whirly Wrap also includes a how-to postcard that describes how to re-size your wrap, secure your magnet, and wrap your wrap.  If you purchase a silk Whirly Wrap there are also directions on how to wear it as a necklace.

whirly 4

Sari silk Whirly Wraps can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Each one comes with directions and can be put on without any help!

You can find Whirly Wraps most Saturdays at the Athens Farmers Market. You can also find her at craft shows across the southeast. Follow Whirly Wraps on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and find a full selection of products at the Whirly Wrap Etsy Shop.  Whirly Wraps will also gladly make a custom order so you can mix and match materials and clasps to make a Whirly that captures your spirit.

Also, stay tuned for Whirly Kids coming soon!

Athens Farmers Market
Bishop Park
705 Sunset Drive
Athens,Georgia 30606
Saturday 8 am – Noon

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