Bee Nut Free Giveaway!

Like many women over 40 (no, I’m not embarrassed to admit it) I have struggled to lose that much needed 10 lbs. Okay, it’s really more like 30 but 10 sounds less daunting.  I exercise regularly and eat healthy, but I admit that I would make a fabulous quality control manager in a cookie factory.  So I’m not saying I don’t deserve my extra baggage, just that I do try to reduce it to one carry-on to avoid the penalty….the scale!

Cookie Monster

Last year after a spin class at my gym, I was talking to my instructor who said, “You really should go see, Dr. So-and-so, and see if you have any food allergies that are preventing you from losing weight.” I was intrigued. She went on to describe all the people that had lost weight by simply eliminating certain foods from their diets. The following week I went to the dentist. When the subject of weight came up, my technician said, “I went to Dr. So-and-so and found out I was allergic to gluten, eggs and flour. I took them out of my diet and have lost 30 lbs.You should try it!”  I recalled a friend, telling me a similar story 5 years ago, about her ‘magic’ doctor who told her she was allergic to chicken and eggs; she too dropped a ton of weight. So, now a bit more than intrigued, I made the appointment. Sixteen vials of blood, a rather disgusting saliva test, and $400 later, this is what I found out.  Ready?

Allergic:  Wheat, Eggs, Apples…unbelievable, who’s allergic to an apple!
Highly Sensitive and should never eat:  Carrots, Gluten, Yeast (Brewers & Bakers), Malt….good bye Miller Time, Cow’s Milk, Oats,  Walnuts, Bran and Rye… being Jewish I’m pretty sure it’s against our religion to not eat rye bread.
Sensitive and should only be eaten on occasion: Almonds, Barley, Beans, Blueberry (there goes my memory), Cocoa (knew that was coming), Coffee (I might as well quit working because I’m dysfunctional without it), Garlic, Lemon (really?), Peas…of any kind including chick, Safflower and Sesame oil

My response to all of this…I cried. And when I was done crying, I googled “Does vodka have yeast in it?” and “Is wine gluten free”. What do you expect? Being a healthy eater, pretty much everything I routinely ate was now on the forbidden list! This was all very bad news for me. For 3 weeks I played along and lost 5 lbs. But traveling for work made it hard to stay fast and true to all of these restrictions, so I gave up. I try to be careful and avoid the forbidden list as much as I can, but the real benefit of this exercise was that I became incredibly aware about the ingredients in the food I eat. And for people like my friend Ellen, who has  food allergies with serious consequences, and reminds me when we have dinner  that there is an Epi pen in her pocketbook and I should stab her if she looks like she is having an attack, well I give you all a ton of credit for managing your allergies. Fortunately, mine won’t kill me; they just won’t make me thin!

So when I came upon Jo-Anne Tyson and her Bee Nut Free stand at the Vail Farmer’s Market I had tons of questions. “I have allergies.” I said. “Well then you’ve come to the right place!” she said.  Bee Nut Free understands and respects food allergies because they live with them. All of their ingredients are from dedicated allergen-free facilities and they test for cross-contamination in their certified allergen-free kitchen so that they can extend their confidence to your family. All of their products are nut, gluten and dairy free which means I can eat anything she offers without fear and so can you!

Oatmeal Cookie

Now remember what I said about being a quality control manager in a cookie factory?  Well, in addition to offering a whole line of Trail Mixes and Granola Bars, which I have featured before, they also offer a line of COOKIES!  Choose their huge 5” Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies that tastes amazingly like a traditional homemade recipe! If you are more of a traditional dunker, you will love the equally giant and delicious Chocolate Chip variety.  I promise you will never know they are gluten free, nut free, and dairy free! If you are like me with an on-the-go schedule and struggling to manage your dietary choices, you will love that these oversized cookies are individually wrapped, so they are perfect for lunch boxes, briefcases and even just to manage your intake.  And for my mom, who LOVES a good shortbread cookie with her coffee, try the Bee Nut Free Sunny Honey Cookie Drops made with a sunflower seed spread; these goodies have a nutty taste without the nut!  One bite and you’ll be begging for more!

Sunny Honey Cookie (image courtesy of Bee Nut Free)

Want to try all of the Bee Nut Free  cookies?  Well here’s a chance to win them!  Jo-Anne will be giving away an assortment of 5 Oatmeal and 5 Chocolate Chips cookies, plus a bulk bag of Sunny Honey cookies (a $30 value) to one lucky winner who “Likes” the Bee Nut Free Facebook page and leaves the comment “Farmers Market Finds Sent Me”.   Double your odds by liking the Farmers Market Finds Facebook page and sharing the contest with your friends! Odds of winning….250:1 so what are you waiting for?  Here’s the link and enjoy the cookies:

Enter to Win 2

Don’t Delay:  Deadline to Enter: October 15th


6 responses to “Bee Nut Free Giveaway!

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  2. Your post both scares me and gives me hope. The intro descibes me, up to the cookie part which I can take or leave. It gives me hope that there are people looking at and creating new food. food that can sustain rather than injure people with allergies, which seem to becoming more and more prevalent.

  3. Wendy, thanks for sharing your experiences and liking mine. As you will have found we tend to eat more than we need or use. I was surprised by the amount of “over eating” I was doing.

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