Burlington Farmers Market – A World Class Market

Burlington Vermont is one of Farmers Market Finds favorite northeastern cities. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain and couched within the majestic Green Mountains, Burlington offers an array of beautiful sights. Along with the beauty of the city lies the Burlington Farmers Market; a market that combines the best fresh food from surrounding areas with a world class display of artisan crafts. Garnering between 9,000 – 12,000 visitors per Saturday (yes, you read that correctly!) the market is a leading area attraction.

burl downtown

The Burlington Farmers Market is located next to Church Street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare downtown.

The Burlington Farmers Market is located in the heart of downtown Burlington, right across from Church Street, downtown’s lively pedestrian shopping area. The Burlington Farmers Market is a producer only market that requires vendors to make or grow their products and also requires the actual vendor be present at each market. The market prides itself on its high quality products and the face to face interaction with the actual grower/producer. For over 30 years, the Market has been part of the downtown Burlington landscape and part of what makes the city one of Kiplinger’s “10 Great Places to Live – 2013” and one of “America’s Best Downtowns” as selected by Forbes magazine in 2011!

A beautiful day at the market!

The year round market operates outside during the summer and then helps the community by moving into the nearby Memorial Auditorium in the winter. The auditorium, which is generally vacant, allows the market to continue despite the harsh New England winter. The Market is a unique mix of permanent vendors and new, up and coming producers and craftspeople. The market maintains its high quality selections by focusing on vendors who have tried and true products. The vast majority of vendors begin as day vendors, coming to market only as space allows – sort of an “on-call” vendor. Then the vendor moves into a provisional spot, which is a regular vendor without a permanent location. Finally, once the market managers, board members, and community are sure that the product and grower/producer are Burlington Farmers Market quality, the vendor becomes a vendor-member with a permanent spot at the market. This process can take years to complete and it shows the commitment these vendors have to bringing excellence to Burlington Farmers Market.

burl 2

The Northern Bayou Cold Brew Co. provides original cold brew coffee to the market.

With 100 vendors each week, there is an amazing variety of things to see, sample, discover and explore at the Burlington Farmers Market. The competitive nature of the market provides the best vendors from around the area. Here is a taste of all the Burlington Farmers Market has to offer.  Looking for something to eat or drink?  Check out Half Pint Farm, Rookies Root Beer, and Squirrel Stash Nuts. Spruce up your home with the Sculpted Tree, and Stray Cat Flower Farm.  Or purchase some incredible art and jewelry from the Burlington Community Glass Studio, Moonstream Studio, and Marsha Drake Jewelry. These are just a small sampling of the incredible vendors this market has week after week!

Smiling Vendors

Some of the friendly faces you’ll find at the Burlington Farmers Market

In addition to the amazing array of vendors, the market hosts a wide variety of events that are always listed on their Facebook page. Whether you’re in Burlington, in Vermont or in the Northeast – visit the Burlington Farmers Market – truly a world class market!

Burlington Farmers Market
City Hall Park and St. Paul Street
Burlington, VT 05406
8:30 am – 2 pm (Rain or Shine)
Every Saturday from Mother’s Day Weekend in May to the last Saturday in October

Winter Market (November – May)
Every other Saturday at Memorial Auditorium
250 Main Street
Burlington, VT
10 am- 2 pm

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