How Farmers Markets Will Help You Lose Weight This Year

So… is 2017 going to be your best year ever?  Did you make the resolution to eat better, get in shape, maybe even lose a few pounds?  It wouldn’t be New Year without some of that conversation now would it.  Not surprisingly the staff at Farmers Market Finds has resolved to do the same (as we do every year!) and we are turning to our local farmers markets for help!

No secret that loading up on healthy veggies will help you shed those holiday pounds.  And some studies say, eating soups and stews which take a bit longer on the intake can help you slow your eating down and fill up on less. With the temperatures dipping low what better time to just enjoy these warming, hearty winter foods.

What vegetables are in season in winter

Winter Vegetables

So let’s start with what’s in season at winter markets around the country.  This season’s best choices includes winter squash, broccoli, cabbage, greens, bok choy, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and cauliflower to start. Pair these with locally pastured lean meats, from beef and chicken to pork or some  fresh seafood if you can find it.   If carbs and gluten are not an issue and you’re fortunate enough to have a baker at your market, round out your meal with a small slice of crusty bread and a little local goat cheese.  Now that’s a bite of winter heaven.  Plus think of all the calories you will burn walking around your local farmers market!

Fresh Vegetable Soup

Fresh Vegetable Soup

Winter markets are popping up all over the country as healthy and fun alternative to heading back into the local grocery store. These markets are tremendously helpful to local farmers who use these farmers markets to sell their crops. So get out and Feed A Farmer!  After all, they have been feeding YOU for years! Not sure if there is a local winter market in your area? Check out the market directory on Farmers Market Finds!

So bundle up and get out there and we’ll see you next time at the market!


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