Newport Farmers Market: How to Spend A Saturday in Central Oregon

No visit to the Central Oregon coast is complete without a visit to a weekend farmer’s market—there you’ll find locals in search of fresh produce, beautiful flowers and variety breads. And you’ll find tourists galore in search of a savory snack, a sweet treat or perhaps fresh-baked dog treats. Dog treats and pastries is what Farmers Market Finds is all about!

Food at the Farmers Market

Buster’s Dog Treats offers delectable flavors of savory dog biscuits, available by the single flavor, or the assortment pack. They’re sure to delight any canine market visitors or the ones waiting in the car.

Buster's Dog Treats at the Newport Farmers Market

Bring Your Dog Over for A Treat

The Newport, Oregon Farmer’s Market has been going strong since 1978 and now features over 60 vendors, plus a hot food court. You’ll find it on conveniently located on Highway 101 in downtown, with easy parking on neighboring streets and parking lots not being used by others on the weekend. Each Saturday from May through October, 9am to 1pm, the bounty changes with the available crops.Shop Your Local Farmers Market

In addition to quality edibles, look for high-quality crafts, jewelry and floral offerings that vary with the seasons.Great Gift Ideas at the Farmers Market

But, this vibrant market isn’t just for summer and fall—from November to April, it’s indoors at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Winter veggies, honey, pumpkins and of course holiday fare are plentiful.pumpkins

On a recent visit, volunteers and market staff were handing out three adhesive dots to each guest. Three large paper easels were centrally placed and a dot was to be placed on each board to indicate the answers to three important questions that help shape the market and its future: Where do you live? How much did you spend at today’s market? And, why did you come to the market today? What a great way to conduct a little research!Newport Farmers Market Hands On Research

The market happens every weekend, no matter if it’s sunny and bright, or foggy and moist, which often happens at this location, but the spirited vendors show no sign of dampened spirits.

Support the Lemonade Project

The Lemonade Project Doing GOOD at the Newport Farmers Market

DO GOOD: “The Lemonade Project” (TLP) is an all-volunteer run booth that sells fresh squeezed lemonade at the Newport Farmers Market. This nonprofit project sponsored by the Newport Farmers Market and Food Share of Lincoln County is designed to help customers stretch their foods budgets while eating healthy, locally grown fruits, vegetables, eggs and bread.  The proceeds from the lemonade sales fund their S.N.A.P. Match program benefiting shoppers at the Market who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  The Project provides S.N.A.P. shoppers with matching funds, up to $6 every week.  When shoppers use their Oregon Trail (S.N.A.P.) card at our Market we incentivize this buying-power, “Spend $6 – Get $6”.  What a great way to support the local economy, vendors and customers!  For more information, visit

See you next time at the market!

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