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As you can imagine, at Farmers Market Finds we see a lot of soap, which is not a bad thing.  I once read an article that suggested that 11.7 billion bars of soap are used every year.  So there’s plenty of room for artisan soap-makers like Debbie Porch and her business Turtle River Soap Company to grab a little market-share from Ivory, Dove and Dial.  And for the rest of us, once you switch from commercial soap to handmade, YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO GO BACK!  There are several things that set Turtle River Soap Company apart from other soap-makers, and it  caught our attention quickly  – the names!  Choose between the likes of “Fairy Farts” (a best seller), “Mermaid Tails“, “Trippy Hippy“, “Sea Goddess Soap” “Swamp Buggy“, “Lumberjack” and “The Family Jewels“!  These playful names quickly turned soap into something more – a great gift for your “Grubby Guy“, a bridal shower gift for those who have fallen in “Love Again” or perhaps for someone who struggles to get the day started a little “Get Up & Go!” is just the inspiration needed.20160711_161729_resized_1

A common thread among so many of the artisans we meet through Farmers Market Finds, is that they are typically involved in a variety of creative pursuits that  eventually lead them down a path to entrepreneurship.  Debbie Porch,  is no different. She began her artisan soap-making business by way of pottery, weaving and graphic design.  Her “aha” moment came when her son, an avid outdoorsman, returned from kayaking on the Loxahatchee River in Florida.  He complained about the mosquitoes and said it would be great to shower with a natural bug repelling soap before heading outdoors for the day.  Debbie began to research soapmaking and soon she had the first batch of  her bug repellent soap (“Don’t Bug Me!”). This blend of essential oils of peppermint, lavender and lemongrass, are known to be unappealing to insects.  And thus began the start of all good things to come.

Bug Me Not Bug Repellent from Turtle River Soap Company

Keep The Bugs OFF with this Natural Blend!

Using different combinations of olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, and other natural plant oils; testing and learning about natural colorants like clays, plants and spices; and developing appealing scent combinations Turtle River Soap Company began to take shape. Having fun experimenting with different scents for different moods and seasons – mint to refresh and invigorate, lavender for relaxation, light citrus for the heat, led to a product line that includes “Hair of the Dog” soap so even the family dog could enjoy!

The seed of an idea that started in 2009 on the “Loxahatchee” meaning “River of Turtles” in the Seminole Native American dialect, quickly developed into a family affair. Debbie’s son sold the soaps at a local green market in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and then hit the road doing crafts shows in North Carolina while she covered the Florida  market and kept busy in the soap kitchen. Her daughter pitched in labeling soaps and making frequent trips to the post office to drop off orders. Today Turtle River Soap is available in 60 stores in 20 different states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands!  Shop online at and keep up with new scents and products by following on Facebook!  

Pumpkin Spice Soap from Turtle River Soap Company

Coming Soon! Pumpkin Spice Soap

If you’re looking to add some fun to bath time, be sure to enter our GIVEAWAY for a chance to win this great assortment of Debbie’s favorites!

Turtle River Soap Company Giveaway

Win This Assortment of Soap & Bug Repellent from Turtle River Soap Company



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