Farmers Market Love: Findlay Market

Farmers Market Finds came across this great review of the Findlay Market in Cincinnati, OH. This is an open air venue with farmers market, street vendors and permanent retail space.   We love variety and we love it when we find people who are as passionate about their farmers markets as we are. So we asked writer, Shantel Wolf  if we could share her post with you. You can find more of Shantel’s writing on her blog, “Shantel Wolf”.

I am a shameless lover of Farmers’ Markets. I hate that I even have to include the word shameless but as hipsters have adopted the local and homegrown trend, my lifestyle has also opened itself up to be made fun of. But what is not to love about beautiful fresh food grown by our local community members using sustainable practices?! It’s beautiful y’all.

We visited Findlay Market on a Saturday during one of the most spectacular farmers’ markets I’ve ever attended. Findlay Market is located in OTR, Cincinnati. It’s an easy drive from Columbus and will continue to be one of my favorite day trips.


But seriously…there were so many people there.

The produce, the plants and the weather was gorgeous that day. I loved interacting with local farmers that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet being as most were from Kentucky.

Side note: does anyone else love hearing Southern accents while in Ohio?! I don’t normally get the chance to travel to Kentucky often so when I am in Cincinnati, it’s one of the little pleasures to hear all sorts of accents.




Highlights of our visit were Urbana Cafe and The Weekly Juicery.

Urbana Cafe

This little coffee shop first caught my eye due to their little blue truck and helpful staff. Because we had just purchased a V60 pour over dripper, it was the perfect time to buy some local coffee beans. We talked with the staff about which to purchase and decided on their O Pie Oh Blend due to it’s nutty nature.

As an added incentive to pay a visit, one of their main initiatives is to help local animal shelters.

The Weekly Juicery

This was by far our favorite experience at Findlay Market. You really cannot say more for what being nice can do for your business. We spoke to a woman who looked to be the owner and she was so friendly and knowledgeable about the flavors and their health implications. She told us they had just received their organic certification from the USDA and she seemed genuinely so excited about it! We had no problem paying $11 each for a juice. (To be honest we had ulterior motives because we were about to consume numerous beers at Rhinegeist).IMG_0880

We chose the Felon Melon flavor and the Beets by TWJ flavor. The Felon Melon had watermelon and lime and was so hydrating and refreshing. The Beets by TWJ flavor contained jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, carrots, lemon, cilantro and beets. At first sip, it was surprisingly refreshing and then the spiciness hit the tastebuds. It was so good and the combination of the two really worked together.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Louise who was beating the heat under the cart.:)


If you’re in Cincinnati or traveling through be sure to check out the Findlay Market !  Days, hours, driving directions and special events are posted on their website  Be sure to add them to your calendar.  See you next time at the market!

Findlay Market
1801 Race Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Open Daily

See You Next Time At the Market

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