Easy Ways to Add Superfoods to Your Diet

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional information in the news. Media and marketing inundate us with trends from low fat to low carb, raw to Paleo. It is a never ending flow of information that often leaves us overwhelmed and somewhat conflicted. For us at Farmers Market Finds, we count on the local growers at our markets to point us in the right direction and guide us through what’s in season, fresh and available.  We’ve added Tamara Runa of be Runa to our list of “go to” people for nutritional advice and smart ideas for how to make the most of our farmers market find.

Tamara is passionate about health, wellness and nutrition and has stayed on the leading edge of the organic, raw, vegan, and Paleo movements; always looking for the best nutritional options.  But like most of us, trying to incorporate all these amazing ingredients into our daily habits can be challenging.  For someone like me who strives for good nutrition, but whose culinary skills are limited to the cookbook “Six Ingredients or Less”, this is a real “find”!   For Tamara the “Aha” moment came while making a morning smoothie, adding in chia, flax, hemp, maca seeds and a multitude of other high nutrition ingredients, she thought, “There has to be another way to incorporate these Superfoods without ruining a morning smoothie.”  She remembered Steve Jobs ideology – find a missing, don’t complicate it and then simplify it. Soon a seed was sprouted and be Runa was born!


Before we get in to what be Runa really is, let’s get into the meaning behind it. Be Runa is actually a philosophy with the invitation to live more fully alive, inspired by the actual meaning of the word “runa”!   Helping people live fully alive, nutritionally, spiritually, and in all aspects of life is be Runa’s mission statement.  As Tamara says, “being undead is not being fully alive”.  Nutrition is a great place to start living a fully inspired life. Her line of seed based salts, seasonings and sweeteners is designed to help us all eat better and live a more vibrant life!  Loaded with organic Superfoods like Sesame seed,  Pumpkin seed, Sunflower, Hemp seed, Chia, Flax, Maca and Poppy seeds, and mineral salts like Pink Himalayan and French sel gris, plus a proprietary blend of spices to procure the amazing flavors that enhance even the simplest dishes. These natural salts and seasonings are an easy way to add nutrition into your diet without having to make any major changes, buy expensive ingredients and waste time on careful measurement.

be Runa seed salt

Try All Three Flavors!

be Runa Seed Salts are available in 3 flavors:  Black Truffle, Garlic Cayenne and Curry. Use them daily as you would table salt or seasoning on all your favorite foods. They are the perfect compliment to eggs, fish, chicken, pork, beef, quinoa, rice, potatoes, kale, pasta, breads, vegetables, salads, even popcorn. If you are following a specific diet, they are organic, Gluten free, non GMO, Vegan, Paleo and mostly Raw.  For some easy-use suggestions try the Black Truffle on a baked potato, or  Curry on roasted vegetables with Greek yogurt.  Need a quick salad dressing?  Mix up a little Garlic Cayenne Seed Salt with lemon, olive oil and be sure to sprinkle it on anything avocado!

be Runa Seed Salt Frittata

Frittata, Glorious, Frittata! Leeks, shallots, string beans and our black truffle seed salt all baked in delicious pasture raised eggs.

If you tend to lean towards the sweeter things in life and are looking for a guilt-free snack try adding any of the flavored Seed Sweets to organic popcorn cooked in coconut oil and you will have a delicious, nutritious, filling snack.  Eating on the go? Berry Vanilla Seed Sweet  is a perfect compliment to your morning smoothie or yogurt and will ramp up the nutritional value of your breakfast.  Need a cure for the mid-afternoon chocolate craving?  Coconut Cacao Seed Sweet mixed into a chocolate smoothie will leave you satisfied!  Once the temperatures cool off, I’m all about anything with cinnamon. I sprinkle it on yogurt, cereal, apples, sweet potatoes… the list goes on.  Now I’ll sweeten my Fall favorites with Cinnamon Spice Seed Sweet! Conveniently sized, these 3.4 oz shaker bottles are portable and easy to take with you. Leave a bottle in your desk at work to spice up your lunch!

be Runa Seed Sweet

Add a Little Something Sweet & Healthy to All of Your Favorite Foods!

If your in the San Diego, California area, pick up your Seed Salt and Seed Sweet  for $12 a bottle at a number of farmers markets where be Runa is a regular vendor.  The markets are an excellent way for Tamara to educate local customers as well as tourists, and international visitors – taking be Runa nutrition around the globe!

be Runa Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market

be Runa Living Fully at the Farmers Market!

Here is a list of be Runa’s regular stands:

Not in the San Diego area? No worries, you can shop the full line of Seed Salt and Seed Sweet at be Runa. Want a chance to win your choice of products?  Farmers Market Finds is giving away three of your choice. Just enter below!

Enter to win

Enter to Win

Win A 3 Pack Assortment of be Runa Seasonings!


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