Swamp Sauces & Seasonings Giveaway

We were thrilled to have this Oklahoma based business join the Farmers Market Finds family because we are ready to put winter behind us and fire up the grill! Plus, we love a great story and like their sauces, Swamp Sauces & Seasonings didn’t disappoint.

In 1980 Bryan Thigpen’s uncle, Roy Haynes, began developing a special dipping sauce recipe with the goal of creating a flavor that would complement a variety of meats, not over-power them. After countless hours and trial and error, his original Bayou Dipping Sauce was born. Created in his home kitchen and sold to the public in mason jars, these first small batches sauces quickly found a local following and Roy knew he had created something special.

Bryan grew up dipping everything from french fries to meatloaf in Uncle Roy’s Bayou Dipping Sauce.  Raised in a rural corner of Arkansas, Bryan and his family grew a lot of their foods and did all of their cooking.  Bryan’s grandmother worked as a cook for the School of the Blind in Little Rock, AK and as a child Bryan would spend summers with her.  He recalls being about 10 years old and under-foot, when his Grandma said, “Move out of the way or help!”  He chose to help and started like many kids, cracking eggs. With all of Grandma’s down-home recipes, he became an avid cook.  In 2012, 30 years after Roy developed their Bayou Dipping Sauce, Bryan offered to purchase his Uncle’s proprietary recipe.  Without any formal business training, he knew there was an opportunity to expand the business, create a larger following and make a life doing what he loves.  With the help of his wife, Jenni and a supportive family, Bryan  started Swamp Sauces and Seasonings, LLC with the passion to build a brand of high quality, all-natural and great tasting sauces and seasonings.

About Bryan and Jenni Thigpen

Bryan and Jenni Thigpen

Bayou dipping sauce was quickly joined by “Sweet and Tangy” BBQ Swamp Sauce, Smoky Jalapeno Grill’n Sauce and their original “VooDoo” Wing Sauce. To go along with their sauces, they have also added a new line of seasonings. They include their original Hickory flavored Spice Seasoning; Cajun Seasoning, and a Garlic and Herb Seasoning.  All of their sauces are made “all-natural” with no MSG or high fructose corn syrups and are gluten free, which is a great alternative over commercial store-bought sauces.


Swamp Sauces and Seasonings are sold at the Bixby Farmers Market in Tulsa, OK and can be found in over 60 stores in Oklahoma.  One of Bryan’s goals is to vend at the very popular Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa. This market runs approximately two city blocks long, with vendors lined up on either side of the street. There are a wide variety of vendors with everything from your typical farmers market produce (tomatoes, squash, zucchini, herbs, etc.) to artisan breads and pastries to grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and eggs to crafts, fresh flowers and birdhouses. In addition, Bryan, Jenni, Uncle Roy and Bryan’s mom all pitch in at shows making this a true family effort.


Do Good Note:  Bryan also shared that his ultimate goal is to grow the business to be able to employ troubled teens and give them the confidence to reboot their lives.  By teaching them how to lose and come back fighting, he believes he can make a difference in the world.  Teenagers all around this country are struggling. Unrealistic media influences, divorce, poverty and epidemic drug use are taking their toll on our kids. We commend Swamp Sauces & Seasonings for truly making an effort to “be the change they want to see in the world” and hope you will support their effort by enjoying their products!

For those of us outside of Oklahoma, no worries! Order online and Swamp Sauces & Seasonings will be shipped right to your door.  To date, the farthest they have shipped is Alberta, Canada but Farmers Market Finds is committed to sending them farther. To help that cause we are giving away a Swamp Sauces & Seasonings “Party Pack that includes Smoky Jalapeno, Honey Habanero (great on french fries), Tangy BBQ & Original Dipping Sauce.  Click the link to enter to win yours today!



Whether you win or order, be sure to check out the “Boudreaux’s Place” tab on the Swamp Sauce & Seasonings website.  Email them a picture of one of your Swamp adventures by clicking on their “Contact Us” tab. Whether it’s Gator Huntin’ or Frog Giggin’, Noddlin’ or mud riding in your swamp buggy, send it in. If they choose your picture as photo of the month you can be posted on “Boudreaux’s Place” page and you’ll receive a Swamp Sauces and Seasonings product of your choice free of charge.  In the meantime, enjoy this recipe for Bryan’s take on the traditional Sloppy Joe!

Swampy Jeaux’s Sliders Recipe


1 Medium Green Bell Pepper (chopped)
1/4 of a Red Onion (chopped)
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
2 Teaspoons Mustard
1/4 Cup Boudreaux’s VooDoo Wing Sauce
1/2 Cup Boudreaux’s Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce

Cooking Directions:

Brown ground beef in cast iron skillet over medium heat. Cook the meat until medium well with a little pink still visible, then drain the fat. The beef will cook to well done as the sauces and other ingredients are added. After draining the fat, return meat back to stove reducing the heat to low. Add the chopped ingredients, stir and allow vegetables to cook until slightly softened (1 -2 minutes), then add the rest of ingredients. Stir well to blend all ingredients until you have a covering of the meat and all the liquids are combined well. It should have a slightly dark molasses color. Cover and reduce heat to a simmer to allow the sugars to breakdown and blend, stirring occasionally. While meat is simmering, place slider buns in oven on high broil to toast. Add cheese to bun top if desired. When buns are toasted and cheese melted, place on plate and add your “Swampy Jeaux” mixture to buns and Bon Appetit!

This recipe can also be layered over tortilla chips, covered with shredded cheese and served as “Swampy Nachos”. One recipe, two perfect tailgate dishes. Enjoy!

See you next time at the Market!







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  1. Ordered the Wing Sauce and Dipping Sauce from Swamp Sauces and Seasonings – both are excellent! Will definitely order again! I also got some of their Garlic Herb Seasoning which is really, really good. They filled the order so quickly too. Great product and experience!

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