Not Everything That Happens in Vegas Needs to Stay In Vegas

I assure you I am not opposed to the traditional down and dirty experiences Las Vegas is so eager to offer. I’ve seen some great shows & concerts, partied way too late at the Voodoo Lounge in the Rio and spent many evenings honing my blackjack skills. But after many, many trips to Vegas for business I couldn’t resist the rare opportunity to go check out their local farmer’s market scene. The greater Las Vegas area offers three local markets. On this cool Wednesday in February, my friend Hether and I drove out to Bruce Trent Park to visit the Las Vegas Farmers Market.

Bruce Trend Farmers Market

An evening stroll through the Farmers Market

We arrived about an hour before the market closed. We were quick to hit the proverbial “JACKPOT” on our hunt for crafts and artisan products! Our first stop was with Annette from AR Design Collections and her table stocked deep with fused glass plates. Handcrafted in a range of colors, Annette shared that the process to create these plates takes about 15 hours. Each one is unique from the rest. Offered at only $10, I quickly snatched one up for a birthday gift for my mother.


Annette from AR Design Collections and my partner in crime, Hether showing off some pretty fused glass plates


Next stop was to Spices Exclusive offering blossom sugars and gourmet spices. Blossom Sugars…the name alone screamed “winter is over and spring is here”. Michaela Hald, the creator hails from Germany and was very knowledgeable about her products but also FDA regulations about selling and shipping food products in the US. Generous as well, she allowed us to sample her Lavender Sugar, which makes an excellent addition to the top of a sugar cookie or even a cup of tea. In addition to spices, Michaela also sells loose white and black teas,  French chocolates and owns Indian Soul Art, a gallery specializing in Native American Arts & Crafts.

2014-02-12 16.52.36
Saving the best for last I am excited to tell you about Eric Petersen of RE-SCENTS who sells aromatherapy candles and oils. These types of products are not uncommon at most markets and artisan fairs, but what Eric offered that was truly unique were aromatherapy air fresheners for your car. These small jars have cool wooden tops and are filled with aromatherapy oil. You simply remove the top, then the internal stopper, give the bottle a little shake so the oils make their way to the wood cap and then hang it in your car. You will have an amazing, aromatic odor which will become stronger as the sun beats down into your car. Since I am occasionally transporting 3 big dogs, I’m particularly interested in making my car smell like something other than Pit-Retriever-Shepherd eau de toilette. So this was truly my Farmers Market Find of the day. I purchased the Fig and have been so impressed with how well this really works.  The smell is significant but not overbearing . And has none of that weird chemical after taste that you get with store brand air fresheners. At $5.00 a bottle I will never purchase another Yankee Candle air freshener and I STRONGLY encourage you to stock up! This is a great gift for someone with a new set of wheels, or a stocking stuffer at the holidays.

Las Vegas Farmers Market offered a variety of produce and specialty food vendors as well; not to mention a great musician who kept us entertained with Motown classics. If you have the opportunity be sure to check our one of the local markets. You will leave with a whole new perception of the Vegas experience!Sunset on the Farmers Market


The Las Vegas Farmers Market® Bruce Trent Park is open every Wednesdays from 4pm – 8pm. Be sure to take a break from the slots and stop by!

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  1. Just checked out the re-scents website. Being that I have kids and big dogs I need all of the help I can get!!! Re-scents has SOOOO many great choices of scents. I’m not sure where to start :)))

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