Holiday Card Giveaway

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Wilmington, NC, so I’ve decided to move the “holiday” ball forward and get started on my Christmas/Hanukkah cards.  One of my favorite things to buy at a farmers market is handmade greeting cards. I’m still a big believer in the value of sending a handwritten note, so when Weehah Greeting Cards joined Farmers Market Finds I was thrilled to have a go-to source for high-quality, handmade cards.

Holiday Cards at Weehah Greeting Cards

Just A Few Of The Holiday Designs at Weehah Greeting Cards

Louisa Wimberger at Weehah Greeting Cards squeals a lot in her colorful Massachusetts studio, as she comes up with new designs for cards that are sweet, flirty, quippy, witty, elegant and classic. She loves coming up with just the right words for certain images, playing with white (or not-so-white) space, and designing invitations for people’s special events. Her tools and techniques? Colorful cardstock, sweet stamps, interesting inks, and, sometimes, a little sparkle.

Cards of Encouragement from Weehah Greeting Cards

Sometimes You Just Need A Reminder

Over the years I have purchased a lot of greeting cards at markets. Though it may seem odd, I’m pretty particular about who I choose as a recipient for one of these cards. To me, a handmade card with a personal note is more meaningful than a Hallmark. Not to mention, I love being able to support local artists in their efforts to be self-sustaining in their craft.  In lean years (you know those years where you eat an unhealthy amount of Ramen Noodles) I would buy cards from artists and frame them when I couldn’t afford to buy their original pieces. This work around allowed me to at least make a small investment into the artist and my expanding collection of cards, photograpy and fine art.

Gratitude Card

Thank You For Supporting Local Artists and Crafters!

In the spirit of giving, Weehah Greeting Cards has agreed to giveaway a a 6 pack of greeting cards to one lucky winner on Farmers Market Finds! So be sure to enter using the button below. And keep your local artists and card-makers in mind this holiday season!  Buying handmade cards is an affordable way to support a local artist!

See you next time at the market!



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