The Best Pumpkin Roll

Many people believe the measure of a successful Thanksgiving feast is dependent on “the bird”.  Fresh or frozen, stuffed or un-stuffed, brined or seasoned – a juicy, tender turkey is the key to the meal. I beg to differ. The true measure of Thanksgiving success is in the dessert!  All this fuss about a bird when we really should be focusing our energy on what’s important. In my house, what matters most at Thanksgiving is the Pumpkin Roll.


Many years ago, my friend Julie shared her recipe for Pumpkin Roll.  I still have the piece of paper with her hand-written instructions, worn and tattered from years of handling and study. And for nearly as many years as I have made this classic Thanksgiving dessert, I have had to call Julie for additional guidance and instruction because in truth making pumpkin roll is a pain in the proverbial butt!  Not only does it turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland of confectioners’ sugar, but regardless of how many times you do it the outcome is never the same. The key is in the ‘roll-up’.  Perfecting the method by which the cake becomes a cylinder of cream cheese frosting and moist, orange-colored spice cake is truly an art form.  One that no matter how many times I try, I have yet to be able to master.Order your Whoopie Pies today!

As I get older and wiser, I have come to realize that I do not need to be good at everything. In fact, I really only need to be good at a couple of things. This year, I’m hanging up my apron, taking back my kitchen and leaving the Pumpkin Roll in the hands of the expert, Farmers Market Finds vendor Making Whoopie! This Ohio based business is owned and operated by Selena Hunt, a mother of four who has perfected the art of the perfect pumpkin roll using the finest, freshest ingredients. In addition to my favorite holiday dessert, Making Whoopie is well-known for their assortment of whoopie pies in a huge variety of flavors from Red Velvet to Salted Caramel Buttercream. Purchase these as a 6 pack, or make whoopie year-round with the Whoopie Pie Flavor of the Month Club!  What a great holiday gift idea!

Whoopie Pies

Looks Pretty Delicious!

Lucky you! This week Farmers Market Finds is giving away a Pumpkin Roll from Making Whoopie to grace the Thanksgiving table of one lucky winner! The winner will be chosen on November 21, 2015 allowing time for fast, fresh delivery for Thanksgiving.  Entering is easy, just click the link below!  And if you’re looking for something sweet to send family and friends who won’t be able to join you this holiday season, be sure to order them a treat from Making Whoopie! What a great way to say, “I’m THANKFUL for you!”



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