It’s good to be Queen!

Queen of Oats is one of the newest vendors on Farmers Market Finds . The Queen is Kelli Swick, a food designer, mom and wife that has been cooking with oats and hand-made oat flour since her middle daughter was diagnosed with a severe wheat allergy at the age of 2. Kelli, who has a degree in Nutrition gained a passion for oats and became an expert at baking with them as her children grew up. She began designing foods that not only her daughter could eat, but wanted to eat. As the years went on, Kelli continued to hone her skills. When her children left for college, she decided to turn her extensive knowledge of baking with oats into a full time business, showing her daughters that’s its never to late to follow your dreams.


The first thing you need to try is the fabulous protein bars and the brand new protein bites! The protein bars are a whole food meal replacement bar with over 10 grams of protein, providing long-lasting energy. While sampling these yummy bars at her local Whole Foods, customers inspired her to make the bars in a bite size option that is easy to take on the go. Perfect for running, biking or just keeping with you for a mid day snack, the bites are the perfect size. Containing only natural food sweeteners like ground dates, unprocessed honey, and handmade fruit pastes, Queen of Oats products have just the right amount of sweetness and are low in sodium and saturated fat. These products are designed to satisfy and nourish naturally without any refined sugars.  Watch the video to see what customers are saying about Queen of Oats!

Kelli, as the Queen of Oats, is dedicated to educating individuals about the benefits of oats, healthy eating, and her products. While there are many granola products on the market, you just have to look into a bag of Queen of Oats granola or read the ingredients to see the difference. All Queen of Oats products are full of the good stuff- dark chocolate, cherries, pistachios, nuts and seeds. Queen of Oats granola is way more than just a bag of oats and almonds. All products are wheat-free* and contain only whole foods. Queen of Oats products are so good that they were a 2014 Finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest!

You have to try the new Wildcat Oats Granola! Go Davidson!!

You have to try the new Wildcat Oats Granola! Go Davidson!!

In addition to the granola and protein bars/bites, Kelli makes a delicious breakfast cookie that is an easy grab and go.  The cookie is perfect with a cup of coffee (my choice), milk or morning tea and is just enough to fill you up and keep you going. It also makes a great anytime snack. And this week you can enter to win a 6 pack for free! Just follow the link below to be entered!

queen of oats cover

A regular vendor at the Davidson Farmers Market in Davidson, NC you can catch up with Kelli every Saturday from April – December. So, if you are tired of buying “healthy” products with a hundred ingredients that you can’t pronounce, made in some factory who knows where, I highly recommend you try the Queen of Oats. Purchase online, at the Davidson Farmers Market or if you are in the Charlotte area, at the Whole Foods at Lake Norman and Charlotte, NC.  Pick up a some Queen of Oats and taste the handmade healthy goodness in every bite!

Davidson Farmers Market
Next to Town Hall
Between Main and Market Streets
Davidson, NC 28036
Saturdays  8 am – Noon (year round)


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