Love, Save, Protect

Welcome to the Farmers Market Finds “Young Artist Series.” Every month we will be sharing with you a story of a young person  who is selling handmade goods at their local farmers market.  Whether for profit, or for humanitarian purposes, these kids and young adults are involved in the production, marketing and sale of their products. They get up early to do what we affectionately call the “get up, show up and set up” sales process.  Under sunny skies and through rainy days, they are out there supporting themselves and their causes. For that, we think they are deserving of a giant Farmers Market Finds shout-out!

I was recently made aware of a young girl in Wilmington, NC who has created a business to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund.  To give of your time to help a cause near and dear to your heart is admirable for a person of any age. However what struck me about this particular case is that this young girl is only 8 years old and in the third grade. Skylar Santucci has been creating jewelry for more than a year, selling her necklaces in local shops such as Beach Blooms and The Island Wellness Market in Carolina Beach and through Wilmington Water Tours and the Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital.  Skylar has also been a vendor at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market as well as at the Salty Paws Festival in Carolina Beach. That is a pretty impressive list for an 8 year old who has only been in business for a year!


Operating under the name Love Save Protect. Skylar says that she loves animals and wants to save and protect them. All of the proceeds from her business go directly to the World Wildlife Fund. Skylars goal is for there to be no more endangered species during her lifetime. I can’t help but wonder what her future will be. To have the discipline and determination at the age of 7 or 8 to use your creativity to raise money for something you care about lends itself to so many future possibilities.


I asked Skylar what other things she enjoys and found out she is a Girl Scout which is not surprising and likes to play soccer, swim and surf. An ideal day for Skylar would be spent at the beach, in the water, reading shark books and relaxing.  When asked about her favorite animal Skylar replied, “The whale shark is my favorite animal because of its pattern (spots and stripes). Also, it’s the biggest fish but also gentle.”


Be sure to visit the Love Save Protect Facebook page  to check out all the great things Skylar is up to. Be sure to “Like” her page while you are there and leave her a comment to encourage her along her journey. It is so exciting to see a child using her creativity and doing something good in this world, let’s all give her our support and encouragement to keep following her dreams!

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