Butter Up Buttercup! The Low Down On Body Butter

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When I saw this post on the Simple Soaparie blog I knew I had to share. Simple Soaparie is a vendor and huge supporter of Farmers Market Finds. This family owned, small bath and body business was founded by Jamie Volner, creator and cosmetic formulator, and a retired nurse who specialized in Geriatrics and Hospice. She has always had a passion for bath and body products. Upon taking early retirement, she began offering artisan, handcrafted soaps, lotions, scrubs and other fabulous skin care products for personal use and gift-giving.  And now you have a chance to win one of their fabulous body butter products!

Simple Soaparie

But first what is body butter?

Great question, and one Jamie is asked all the time. Their whipped, natural body butter cream is a step up from their already luxurious, moisturizing hand and body lotion. Think of it as a super-charged skin protector ready to fend off extreme skin dryness.  Simple Soaparie Deep Hydrations Body Butter Cream is triple whipped to a light, airy consistency that is easily applied, and created to melt upon skin contact for absorption down into the dermal layers without harsh chemicals. Between the luxurious butters they use, (Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter) and carefully chosen oils, (coconut, avocado and rice bran oils) their formula provides an amazing conditioning product that fights dry skin.

Deep Hydrations Body Butter Cream

Okay, sounds great but I’ve never used a body butter before. How do I use it?

So many men and women can’t seem to find relief for their dry skin and when introduced to a new product they shy away because they aren’t sure how to use it. Well Jamie can help you with that. With body butter the term, “a little goes a long way” comes to mind. Body butter is thicker and more emollient, designed like their lotions for an all over body, thirst quenching experience. Scoop a small amount of body butter (start small until you “get to know” your body butter) and how much your skin truly needs. With long, brisk strokes, rub butter into your skin until absorbed. That’s it! Easy peasey!

When Is The Best Time To Apply My Body Butter?

There truly is a time that is the ultimate, best time to use any lotion or body butter cream and that is fresh out of the shower. During your shower your pores open up and this leaves your skin ready and receptive to the deep nourishing, skin conditioning moisturizing your body is in dire need of! Once out of the shower just pat your skin dry. Don’t rub out all that fabulous moisture from your shower. Apply your body butter to your dewy skin. You are now “locking in” all the natural butters and oils that are good for your skin and without chemicals.

Hmmm, Sounds Good But Is It Greasy?

We totally get that nobody wants to walk around being a human slip ‘n’ slide due to their body butter being so greasy after application. After-all it is made with butter and oils right?  Right! During our formulation we add a natural, earth root called Arrowroot Powder, it’s a “starch” that is white in color, very lightweight and absorbs the excess oil in your body butter so your skin feels well hydrated and not like a grease slick! Isn’t nature grand?! Oh, and…it’s GMO free, free, free!  You will notice a big difference in your skin straight away but for those of us who suffer from super-duper dry skin (raising my hand), Jamie recommends using your body butter for about 14 days straight. Once a day, even twice. During this time your skin is being re-conditioned after a long time of dryness and you are going to love, love, LOVE your new, renewed, soft and silky skin.

What's Up Buttercup

Alright, that about covers it. Wait, one more thing.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Where can I get some?”  Order online through the Simple Soaparie website or enter to win a a full size Deep Hydrations Body Butter Cream in your choice of 19 scents or unscented by simply click the Enter to Win button!


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