Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Even after living in Upstate NY for 20 years I never really knew what that expression meant, but I woke up the other day thinking about a fun name for our contest giveaways and it popped into my head.  So unless someone can offer up a more creative way to promote the Farmers Market Finds giveaways, be prepared to hear, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

Contests will be announced on Sundays and winners chosen on Wednesdays. Being a not particularly patient person, these contests will only last a few days so we can get down to the fun part of picking a winner(s). Some contests like the one we did for the Hydrocephalus Association (See “The Art of Giving”) will just require you to click a button to enter.  For this week’s contest we are going to make you work for it…just a little.

This week we are giving away a beautiful custom, handmade necklace from Bella Gems by Marie.  Marie is a breast cancer survivor and all around role model for women everywhere!  At 80+ years young she is still making, creating and selling her necklaces and bracelets at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market, as well as, craft shows around coastal North Carolina.  You can read more about Marie in our feature Bella Gems Gives New Meaning to Retirement.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month we wanted to honor Marie by reminding you all to get regular mammograms. Early detection is the best prevention!

So let’s get back to how to win. Ready? 1. Click here: Bella Gems by Marie, this is the link to Marie’s artisan profile.  2.  Find the link to her Facebook page and leave this message “PINK STRONG”.  That’s it! Two steps are all it takes to join in the fight against Breast Cancer and win your very own Bella Gems by Marie original jewelry!  Don’t delay because, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner,” we are picking our winner on Wednesday, October 7th!

See more of Marie’s original jewelry in this fun video!

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