It was the beginning of a new farmers market season and I was scouting around The Poplar Grove Farmers Market to see if there was anything new and unique.  It did not take long to spot this vendor. I mean how could I miss her, with her adorable little camper, clearly custom made in all of its pink and white glory? It drew me right down the grassy path to check out this latest Farmers Market Find. Much to my delight what I found was a chocolatier! Now if the charming little camper with its hot pink canopy and cute little bistro table didn’t draw me in, than what was inside certainly would. Delightful confections like chocolate covered strawberries, molded milk and dark chocolate and truffles to name a few.


I loved everything about it and as I chatted briefly with So Sweet Chocolate’s artist, Sue Papach (because this type of candy making is clearly an art) I encountered a kindred spirit. I asked her a few questions in between customers and made sure to take a business card. When I returned home I perused her website and found out she has been doing this for years. Over the years So Sweet Chocolates has been featured in Brides magazine, invited to serve on a panel for the Gourmet Insider, been served to over 200 celebrities at the 2004 Oscars and Sue had an appearance on NBC as “woman with a dream job” to name just a few.

The Ms. Gypsy Daisy Lee as they so affectionately call her  (I’m sorry but that needed a font all of its own) is however, the newest addition to their business. Sue had her custom built and this is her first market season. The retro look with pink and white exterior and black and white checkered floors takes you right back in time and the new addition of signature sodas, sweet coffees and steamy hot chocolate gives the whole thing a retro soda shop feel.


Since our brief meeting at the farmers market Sue and I have had the pleasure of sitting down to share life stories. I knew when I met her that she was a kindred spirit and we easily talked for a couple of hours over breakfast. Our conversation turned to life’s twists and turns and Sue has had some of those over the years. Living this artist life is hard work, unpredictable and sometimes flat out exhausting. Sue is the mother of 5 mostly grown children, which in and of itself speaks volumes. Without a doubt Sue’s biggest life change was the very sudden loss of her husband, a woodworker with whom she had planned a joint business upon his retirement. Dreaming of doing this show and market circuit together as a team, it took some regrouping on Sue’s part to begin again. The addition of the Ms. Gypsy Daisy Lee is part of her path forward on her own.


I had the privilege of being at an event she did in downtown Wilmington and could not help but notice how everything from the design of the Ms. Gypsy Daisy Lee to the detail and packaging of her custom confections is done to perfection with a painstaking love that only exudes from a true artist. You can have the pleasure of experiencing her gourmet treats at your event or watch her website for local events where Sue and her daughter will be serving up to die for confections and delicious beverages for the young and old to enjoy.

By Guest Blogger and Friend Extraordinaire… Lisa Leavell

I believe that God and the Universe (perhaps they are the same) provide everything you need when you need it.  Launching our business, Farmers Market Find was scary and when I needed Faith, I found it in a ridiculously heavy metal sculpture called Faith by artist Matthew Leavell (see Finding Faith). Through that, I met Matthew’s wife Lisa, who quickly became someone I wanted to reside in my inner circle. Lisa expressed an interest in writing and I suggested she become a guest blogger for Farmers Market Finds. She already had her own blog, Leavell Thinking and so she agreed to consider it.   I am beyond thrilled to share her first contribution “So Sweet Chocolate” and encourage you to follow her blog and share her journey as she, Matthew, and their son Alex travel the country exhibiting Matthew’s work at art shows. She’ll be bringing us new shows, travel anecdotes and wonderful products and vendors throughout the year.

One response to “SO SWEET CHOCOLATE

  1. Excellent piece, Lisa!! Thanks so much for sharing–would love to meet you if you’re ever in my hometown of beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. We have a few really spot-on Markets there. All the best–

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