Finding Fabulous Facebook Finds

People often ask us where we get all the great products we feature on Farmers Market Finds. And while we do a fair amount of traveling to meet vendors at markets and fairs around the country, we haven’t quite reached the point where we are jumping on the private plane to stay on the road full time. Although, I won’t deny we have fantasies of a tour bus with our logo splashed along the side.

In the meantime, we rely on a lot of different sources to find new products, including Facebook.  I’m quite certain we have ‘liked’ thousands of markets and vendors in the last 3 years, and we continue to research these sites and add more daily in search of fun, unique items to share on our Facebook page, blog and website. So if you are not following us on Facebook, be sure to give us a like, and share your favorites with friends and family. And by all means if you come across something great at your market, be sure to leave us a message so we can spread the word!

Take a quick minute and check out some of our fabulous Facebook finds from the last few weeks!

2 responses to “Finding Fabulous Facebook Finds

  1. I came across two fabulous finds from Pugs 2 Persians thanks to you! I’ve been looking for unique kitty collars form my two kitties and found just that! Yay! Thanks.

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