The Art of Giving

GIVEAWAY ALERT:  Farmers Market Finds is giving away 5 Heart Pendants in support of this cause. Read on for details to enter to win!

Farmers Market Finds came across a story that shows how art and the art of giving often walk hand in hand. Six years ago by a stroke of fate, two women met at a party. The first woman was Mia Padron. Mia had been participating in the Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk since 2005. Mia is now a co-chair of the walk. Mia’s son Tyler was born with hydrocephalus. You may know this condition as “water on the brain”.  This condition can strike anyone at any time but rarely gets the attention of more common diseases like cancer.

The second woman was Stephanie Calinoff, a glass jewelry designer that was looking for a way to honor the memory of her father by getting involved with local charities. A few years after the first walk at a party hosted by a mutual friend, these two women crossed paths and an amazing convergence of friendship and need was formed.


The initial Hope pendant of the Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk.

As the women began to talk, they realized that their meeting was more destiny than coincidence. With the Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk in its beginning stages, Stephanie offered to design a custom piece of jewelry to help raise money and awareness for the walk. Stephanie designed her first “Hope” pendant for the 2009 Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk.  In addition to the rectangle piece, Stephanie also designed a “Hope” square.IMG_2125Since those initial designs, Stephanie and Mia’s friendship has grown and Stephanie remains active in helping Mia with Hydrocephalus awareness and fundraising. Stephanie has even participated in the annual walk! In addition to her work on behalf of the Hydrocephalus Association, Stephanie has a complete line of glass jewelry, has grown a substantial following for her custom work and has used her talents to design custom pieces for other groups and charities. Her Facebook page regularly features promotions and lets you know which crafts shows she will be attending.

This coming Sunday, September 27, 2015, marks the 10th anniversary of the Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk. In honor of this milestone, Stephanie has created a new glass charm to mark the occasion. The new “Hope” piece pays tribute to the 10 years of tireless work that Mia and others like her have put into bringing awareness to hydrocephalus.  You can support this event by purchasing a pendant.

Hope with heart is $18

The Large Square Hope is $25

A portion of all sales will go back to the Hydrocephalus Association. To order pendants please email


The 10th Anniversary Hope Charm from Stephanie Calinoff

If you’d like more information about Hydrocephalus or the 10th annual Long Island Hydrocephalus Walk follow these links. Also, remember its not too late to sign up to do the virtual walk – a great way to raise money and awareness wherever you are! To learn more about the Hydrocephalus Association or find a walk or fundraiser near you please follow this link to the Hydrocephalus Association website.

The dynamic duo - Mia Padron and Stephanie Calinoff, fighting to raise money and awareness of Hydrocephalus, the disease that Mias son Tyler suffers from.

The dynamic duo – Mia Padron and Stephanie Calinoff, fighting to raise money and awareness for the Hydrocephalus Association.

Please remember to keep those suffering from hydrocephalus in your thoughts and prayers. Together, with the help of art and charity, we hope to someday find a cure. To be entered to win one of the five heart pendants just sign up using this link! We will notify the winner on September 30th!

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