Keeping Time with Denah Designs

A recent edition to the vendor page on Farmers Market Finds  is artist and clock maker Denah Clark and her wonderful business, Denah Designs. Denah, who has a Masters of Fine Art from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has been creating gorgeous pencil renderings of homes for years.  The custom ordered pieces highlight Denah’s attention to detail. While Denah loves creating the renderings, a few years ago she started looking for a more mainstream medium for showcasing her design and art ability.

Denah Clark started making custom renderings 15 years ago. The craftsmanship and detail found in her renderings is now available in her beautiful assortment of hand-made clocks.

When considering her next medium, Denah remembered the beautiful wood pieces designed by her father, who was a wood crafter. With his legacy in mind, Denah set out to make unique, one of a kind clocks using reclaimed woods and some very unique time pieces. After a little practice at the craft, Denah realized she had found another outlet for her artistic passion and then realized she had unintentionally followed in her father’s footsteps.

Reclaimed wood with vintage bottle caps!

Denah’s clocks are a fabulous focal point in any room. While searching for wood to use in her designs, Denah also finds vintage locker tags, silver and brass tags, and even vintage soda pop caps to use as time markers. Some of the stamps and pieces used on the faces of the clocks date back to the 1800’s! Denah’s pieces are truly one of a kind. Her eye for design and attention to detail found in her drawings is clearly visible in the quality and beauty of her clocks.

denah 2

The hour markers on this clock are so fun and funky! They are vintage brass locker tags with beautiful patina. You’ll notice the numbers are random, not the normal 1-12. This clock will make quite a conversation piece! The wood came from an 80 year old tobacco barn in Johnston County NC.

Denah’s clock-making has become a great connection between her and her dad and she enjoys the benefit of his advice and free tools. There is honestly not enough room in this blog to show you all the amazing designs available through Denah Designs (like the amazing penny clock below).  Follow Denah Designs  on Facebook and Etsy to see her latest designs and also find out which art shows and craft fairs she will be attending this fall.

Denah Designs incredible penny clock

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