Falling Behind with the Best Products for Fall

I’m starting to get excited!  My favorite season is upon us.  Having lived in the Susquehanna Valley of New York for 20 years, I cannot help appreciate the changing of the leaves and the crispness of the air. There is something inherently comfortable about Fall. Not too hot, not too cold, warm dinners, soft sweaters and apple pie… it all screams COMFORT to me.  So to get you in the spirit of the season upon us, Farmers Market Finds put together this fall inspired video, showcasing some of our favorite products.

This year be prepared to “fall behind” with a new handcrafted, wooden clock from Denah Designs. Be sure to check out the penny clock, it’s very cool!  Daylight savings time is November 1st, and like everything else, it will be here before you know it, so order soon.

Dry skin can be a problem this time of year, so if you are suffering, pick up some Deep Hydration Body Butter Skin Cream from Simple Soaparie.  Created by a hospice and geriatric nurse using high quality products, your skin will stay soft and comfortable, plus you will smell great!

If like me, apple season is a huge motivator to start baking (and stop dieting), treat yourself to a new apron from C Sis.  And if you have any great Fall recipes, be sure to send them our way!

Does seeing the blooms fall off the flowers bum you out? Then treat yourself to a spoon flower sculpture by Matthew Leavell. Matthew creates these in various sizes, so you can pick up a small piece to leave on your dining room table, or a large sculpture to put in the garden. Either way, the bright colors will keep you happy until your bulbs start to pop again in the Spring. I’m a huge fan of these so be sure to take a look!

See you next time at the market!

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