Hanging out with Sluice Hammocks

SPECIAL OFFER ALERT:  Sluice Hammocks is offering our readers a 15% discount on their purchases just by using the code  ILOVEFMF.  So shop now and SAVE!  This a great holiday gift idea!

I don’t know about you but Farmers Market Finds loves when we have the opportunity to just hang out and we found a totally cool way to do it, Sluice Hammocks. Sluice Hammocks are the creation of Kemp Dunbar, a 2010 graduate of NC State with a degree in mechanical engineering. Kemp and some friends were hanging out a few years ago and had the idea of creating easy to set up, made in America hammocks that could be used anywhere. In 2009, this idea turned the mechanical engineer into a full-time hammock designer and entrepreneur.

Sluice Hammocks are so easy to carry and set up.

Sluice Hammocks are so easy to carry and set up.

All Sluice Hammocks  are handmade in Raleigh, North Carolina with domestically-sourced materials and components.  Sluice Hammocks are produced with the highest quality materials and Kent’s dexterous hands. Sluice Hammocks provide the ultimate in portable comfort. The breathable nylon used in making the hammocks feels like cotton and is naturally water repellent and mildew and rot resistant. The light weight bag and easy to carry attachable strap taco allows you can take your Sluice Hammock anywhere. Whether you want to go hang out in the park to read, find a shady spot at the beach or  put it your pack on a hiking trip. The colorful and comfortable laundered nylon is perfect for wherever you relax and can also be personalized with names, logos or even images.

Personalize Sluice Hammocks

Sluice Hammocks can be personalized with names, logos, and graphics.

Designed for easy setup Sluice Hammocks can be used anywhere. The hammocks come with a “shot-gun bag” that allows flawless set up. Simply attach your first strap to the exposed (and included) Black Diamond aluminum climbing carabiner and pull! The hammock unfolds and then all you need to do is attach the second strap to the other attached carabiner…easy peezy! Sluice Hammocks come in single, double and child sizes. They also have an attachable strap taco that makes carrying everything you need a breeze.

Hammock and strap taco

Sluice Hammock with attachable strap taco.

You can find Sluice Hammocks this fall at coastal North Carolina pop-up and holiday markets. Check their Facebook page to find out where and when they will be on display.  If you are not in North Carolina (or like me, just don’t want to wait for holiday markets!) you can buy Sluice Hammocks on their website and Etsy Store and take advantage of an additional 15% discount just for Farmers Market Finds readers. Use code ILOVEFMF to save 15% on your order! You can also find more great images of hanging out with Sluice on Instagram.11378082_1464776327167558_2082755543_n


Finally  if you are wondering about the name Sluice Hammocks, it is inspired by the gold miner’s sluice box, a simple contraption used to separate gold from dirt. The device was powered by
nothing more than water and gravity, but it was very effective. Sluice Hammocks tries to live and build with a similar philosophy. Join us in sifting out the distraction and holding on to what matters most in life. That’s an idea all of us at Farmers Market Finds can support!

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