It Takes Two

Every time I write “it takes two” it takes me back to my 80’s music days. Shout out to Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock! Today, It Takes Two is the creative handcrafting couple of Matt and Moe Gang. Farmers Market Finds has recently discovered a different duo making beautiful music (well, art really) as Grey Owl Design and Recycle Moe. Matt’s Grey Owl Design and Moe’s Recycle Moe are two of the innovative and unique vendors at the Burlington Farmers Market. With their two young children, Oscar and Eloise, Matt and Moe hit the Market every Saturday.

Oscar and Eloise help ship items during the busy season!

Oscar and Eloise help ship items during the busy season!

Grey Owl Design was born out of Matt’s skills as a stone mason. His skills of precision crafting and design let him to take up woodworking has a winter hobby.  This hobby has turned into a full-time business with his amazing wood cut-outs, cork designs, and other creative pieces.  Using a jig-saw, Matt’s crafts stock and custom pieces that are fabulous and functional. Grey Owl Design can make a piece specifically for you or you can pick from one of his many designs at the Market or on EtsyBoth artists thrive on the personal interaction that comes from the selling at the market and working with customers on unique custom orders.grey owl

Recycle Moe is the other half of this super creative duo. Moe, who has always been a creative soul, upcycles game boards, plastic bags, tape cassette, books and a host of other upcycled products to create a wonderful array of products. Recycled bibs from plastic bags, notebooks from books covers, switch plates using book illustrations and garland made of “7 feet of upcycled awesomeness” Moe’s designs put life into the words reuse, recycle and

For this creative couple, farmers markets are truly a family affair. It even fosters a little healthy competition and allows the couple to mix and match materials for their products.  You can find Grey Owl Design and Recycle Moe usually right across the road from each other at the Burlington Farmers Market.  You can also find both at the holiday market and Moe at the winter market, too.  If Burlington Vermont is a bit too far for you to travel you can also find their works and order custom works on Etsy – Grey Owl Design and Recycle Moe.  To keep up to date with where you can find their works this fall, also check out each designer’s Facebook page – Grey Owl Designs and Recycle Moe.

 Burlington Farmers Market
City Hall Park and St. Paul Street
Burlington, VT 05406
8:30 am – 2 pm (Rain or Shine)
Every Saturday from Mother’s Day Weekend in May to the last Saturday in October

Winter Market (November – May)
Every other Saturday at Memorial Auditorium
250 Main Street
Burlington, VT
10 am- 2 pm

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