Blacksmithing – It’s Not Just Hooves Anymore

Farmers Market Finds recently came across an artisan that reminded us of our childhood attending the Gallery North Art Show. The artisan is Lance Ziegler and his amazing designs at Burnt Whisker Forge take us back to another time. I remember as a child watching in awe as a blacksmith, working with the blazing fire, fan, hammer and anvil, created horseshoes and games right before my eyes.  Burnt Whisker Forge has taken the timeless craft of blacksmithing to another level.  

Unique iron work from Burnt Whisker Forge

Unique iron work from Burnt Whisker Forge

Lance, who is mostly self-taught, has learned to take hot metal and mold it into sculptures, animals and flowers using tools that he has designed and crafted. Burnt Whisker Forge creates work with such detail that it is hard to believe it was made using an anvil and hammer. Like a potter working with clay, Lance uses the raw hot metal to create unique and beautiful designs. Lance’s love of the woods and nature comes through in many of his designs.

Detailed work from Burnt Whisker Forge

Incredibly detailed work from Burnt Whisker Forge

Using both coal and gas forges, Burnt Whisker Forge creates a wide variety art, from small tabletop designs and wall hangings to large sculptures. Burnt Whisker Forge also creates furniture with the same intricate detail and precision as its smaller works. Burnt Whisker Forge  specializes in custom creations and has created both furniture and sculpture custom works. Lance is always happy to help turn your dream into a reality.  

Steel Dragonfly - Strong and Beautiful

Steel Dragonfly – Strong and Beautiful

Lance keeps the tradition of blacksmithing alive by teaching his craft to his six children and teaching at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  You can find Burnt Whisker Forge doing demonstrations around the southeast using portable forges. While the demonstrations of Burnt Whisker Forge are similar to the one I remember from my childhood, the final product reminds me that blacksmithing has come a long way!

One of a Kind Steel Cow Skull. An amazing work of art.

One of a kind Steel Cow Skull – an amazing work of art!

You can see Burnt Whisker Forge’s many designs, find out where their next demonstrations will be, or speak to Lance about a custom piece by following them on Facebook or Instagram. You can purchase Burnt Whisker Forge’s designs on their website and through their Etsy shop.  No matter how you find them, you will be amazed at the talent of this wonderful artisan.

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