A Bouquet That Lasts A Lifetime

When researching ideas for home decor and weddings, Farmers Market Finds found Celia Barbieri, The Button Florist from Asheville, North Carolina.  A self-described hippy, world traveler, and mad scientist, Celia has taken a childhood love of “tiny treasures” and turned it into a creative way to make the world a bit more beautiful by creating a treasured bouquet or floral arrangement that never needs to be watered and will never wither away. The Button Florist adds a burst of floral sunshine that can stay with you forever.

Button Florist Garden

An assortment of ceramic buttons, and felt leaves makes for a lovely garden!

Ten years ago, The Button Florist began using a mixture of up-cycled and vintage buttons. Today she uses those buttons, along with handmade ceramic buttons, and recycled sweater felt to create her wonderful displays. Celia’s love for nature and art is apparent in her workFrom her individual table top displays to complete wedding party creations, each stem is a one of a kind, custom piece. The “leaves” of the bouquets are created by felting old wool sweaters and the designs of the petals come from Celia creatively stamping everything from belt buckles to kitchen draw knobs in her handmade ceramic buttons. 

Button Stamps

The Button Florist uses a wide variety of objects to create her unique button patterns.

 The Button Florist can custom design a floral arrangement to fit your home décor or your wedding colors. You can see more of her work and even purchase on line at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and her Etsy store. Also, if you are in Western North Carolina keep an eye out for The Button Florist at local craft shows. If you’re in the Atlanta area, make sure to stop by and see The Button Florist at the Norcross Art Splash, October 3rd and 4th!

The Button Florist designs wedding bouquets and boutonnieres that last forever.

The Button Florist designs wedding bouquets and buttonnieres that last forever. Photo credit to http://jocelynmathewesphotography.com

If you are in Asheville, North Carolina stop by and see her work at the Asheville Ceramics Gallery or visit her studio at:
The Button Florist
The Phil Mechanic Studios
109 Roberts Street
Asheville, NC 28801

2 responses to “A Bouquet That Lasts A Lifetime

  1. Love these!!!! Just ordered 2 bouquets – perfect for 2 vases I have! Mentioned hearing of them from you.   Thanks Wendy! Hope you’re holding up ok! Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

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