Groovy Green Glass – Straight from the Bottle

Farmer’s Market Finds finally found a good way to recycle the empty wine bottles that sometimes appear around our houses; send them off to Groovy Green Glass! An empty bottle of wine is the key ingredient in treasures created by Shawn and Deana Vail. Groovy Green Glass was the result of a good night of cocktails and curiosity. After a couple of bottles of wine, Shawn and Deanna had the creative idea to upcycle their empty wine bottles by cutting and scoring the glass into reusable creations. This late night foray has led to a beautiful selection of wind chimes, sun-catchers, jewelry, and home decor all made from re-purposed wine bottles. Groovy Green Glass’s method of cutting out the sides of the bottles sets them apart from most other glass chimes artists. Also, the oak ball used to create the chime makes a soft, soothing, reverberating sound against the glass that is truly unique.

Skyy Vodka Wind Chime

Enjoy the Tranquil Sound of this Blue Skyy Vodka Wind Chime

From necklaces and pendants to custom drinking glasses, Groovy Green Glass saved about 16,000 bottles from the local landfill in 2011. In 2012, they saved over 40,000 bottles! Recently, Groovy Green Glass’s award winning recycling program made the move from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Lincolnton, Georgia where they are establishing new relationships with local restaurants to facilitate their unique up-cycling program. Groovy Green Glass is committed to using all of the glass that comes from the bottles they recycle. Some of the “left-over” pieces are made into fun and unique mosaics.

Glass Cow Mosaic

Groovy Green Glass is committed to using every piece of glass possible. Mosaics are one of their top selling items!

Other pieces of left-over glass are cut, smoothed, and shined to create a fabulous array of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Many of the earrings and bracelets are made from neck of the bottles, while the amazing bottle trees are made using the very bottom of the bottles. Along with these items, Groovy Green Glass  makes bowls, planters, lighting, and a wide variety of other products. You can find a full range of their products on Etsy. Groovy Green Glass will also happily create custom orders using either a bottle that they have on hand or in a unique bottle you send to them!

3G Collage

Bottle trees, necklaces, and bracelets are only a few of the amazing up-cycled creations from Groovy Green Glass.

While Groovy Green Glass gets the lay of the land in their new area, you can find them through their websiteEtsy  or Facebook. Also, from September 18-20, 2015, you will be able to find them at the amazing 35th annual Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival in Augusta, Georgia. Drink up and enjoy!

Groovy Green Glass

Groovy Green Glass


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