5 Great Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Farmers Markets are a hot bed of cute dogs, cats, and sometime even farm animals. As avid pet owners, Farmers Market Finds is always looking for amazing pet products at the market. Here are some of the great finds we’ve come across recently that we can’t resist buying for our four legged friends.

Sup-Dog Co offers a fabulous selection of doggy bow-ties, leashes, and collars. All handmade with a wide assortment and a website that lets you create your own designs.  Sup-Dog Co. makes it easy to dress up your dog for a trip to the market or support your favorite team on game day.  You can find them most Saturdays at the Soda City Farmer’s Market Columbia, SC or visit their website to purchase online.

Dog accessories from Sup-Dog Co.

Let your dog show his team spirit with a collar or bowtie from Sup-Dog Co.

Jellyfish Tide creates custom made hand-stamped jewelry and featured these fantastic bracelets at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC. They specialize in unique one of a kind designs and while they have designs for all occasions, this one is for us dog lovers! Look for them at craft fairs and farmers markets around coastal North Carolina or shop their online store.

stamped bracelets from Jellyfish Tide

Live Love Woof by Jellyfish Tide

For the cat lovers, check out Made by Cleo cat collars. With a wide selection of collars and patterns you are bound to find one that makes your kitty cat purr!  All collars have safety breakaway buckle that won’t pop open too easily. They also make non-breakaway buckles for kitties (or dogs) that go for walks. 

Cat collars and accessories

Made By Cleo has a great assortment of cat collars and accessories.

Dr. Seuss would be proud of our next pick.  How about a Cat in a Hat!  iheartneedlework has a great selection of fun and functional knit hats for your cat. Whether you are dressing them up for a good laugh or just keeping them warm, these fun filled designed are hard to resist! iheartneedlework is the place to go for all your custom hats, costumes and accessories.   

Look to iheartneedlework for cat hats, jackets and costumes.

See you soon at the market!

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