Bug Off! All Natural Outdoors

Well it’s about time! After this long cold winter, summer is finally here!  And so are the mosquitos!  While the thought of lying on the beach, in a pool, or even on the grass carries me through the day, the idea using toxic bug sprays and products puts a damper on my glorious daydreams. So to alleviate that one snag in my perfect picture of summer, Farmers Market Finds went searching for a natural alternative to conventional bug repellents and found some amazing products to keep us bite free. These products help you stay comfortable outside without adding more chemicals to your skin, your children and the air.

The Round Rock Honey Company makes an all natural bug repellent made from cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, castor oil, and essential oils.  Just apply liberally to arms and body to ward off pesky bugs! The adorable bee shaped bar is 1.35 oz and can be purchased online or look for the Round Rock Honey Company at the Mueller Farmers Market in Austin, TX.

Honey Bee Bug Repellent from Round Rock Honey

Another all natural bug repellent comes from Glynne’s Soaps.  Their all natural Bug Off Soap is made with a combination of six therapeutic grade essential oils which discourage bugs from biting. The bonus is it smells GREAT! The soap is made with a combination of essential oils that all have bug repelling properties. The combination of citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, cedarwood and ravensara will keep you free from those annoying insects. The 100% natural ingredients are free from chemical fragrances and safe for all skin types.  You can find Glynne’s Soap at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market, the Kure Beach Farmer’s Market, or shop them online!

Bug Off Soap!

Don’t forget your pets!  Twin Oaks Farm in Spring Hope, North Carolina has a wide selection of bug repellents for both pets and people.  For dogs and other farm animals, Twin Oaks makes a bug repellent and bath that repels ticks, fleas and flying insects. For people, they have a balm that repels mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies and an oil that also repels ticks. You can find Twin Oaks products at the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market and the Pitt County Farmers Market in Greenville,  North Carolina or online on their website.

You can find bug repellents for people, pets and farm animals from Twin Oaks Farm;

To stay clean and keep the bugs away, try Three Little Bird Soaps Quit Buggin Outdoor Soap. The handcrafted ‘Quit Buggin’ Outdoor Soap is made from essential oils of tea tree, citronella, and lemongrass blended together.  The combined oils have natural insect repellent properties to keep summertime pests away. The soap is great for people of all ages and can even be used on your pooch to keep him smelling clean and fresh. This is a must have to take along on your next camping trip or for use anytime you will be outdoors!

Quit Buggin Outdoor Soap, Handmade, All Natural, Cold Process Soap, Vegan

Quit Buggin Soap keeps you clean and keeps the bugs away!

Another soap product we’ve found to stay clean on camping trip and help you keep the bugs away try the 2 in 1 Camper Soap from The Soapy Gnome. The camper soap is scented with lemon eucalyptus and citronella, and contain oatmeal for smooth skin even when camping. The soaps come in limited quantity and can be purchased online from the Soapy Gnome for only $7.00 a bar.

For more great alternatives, be sure to follow Farmers Market Finds on Facebook!  Stay cool and comfortable this summer season!

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