Award Winning Hot Sauce!

What does a man do with 2,000 Tabasco peppers? Well Papi Joe Paul made them into an award winning Tennessee Pepper Sauce that Farmer’s Market Finds had to share.  This amazing sauce has won first place at Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire for the past 3 years! If you’re not familiar with the Weekend of Fire, it is a international competition held every year in Cincinnati, Ohio featuring the best hot foods around including  chili, bbq sauce, and hot sauces from around the county. In 2012, Papi Joe took the show by storm and after over 3,000 people sampled all the sauces, Papi Joe’s came out on top! 

Give this hot sauce a try!

Papi Joe’s Tennessee Pepper Sauce is the creation of Joe Paul, a pepper grower from the small town of Rossville, TN. Only 8 years ago he started growing Tabasco peppers to sell at the market Papi Joe decided to try his hand at developing a pepper sauce that couldn’t be beat. In 2012, Joe and his wife Kay, thought they had a winner so on a whim they headed up to Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire to get feedback on their new sauce.  That weekend Papi Joe’s Tennessee Pepper Sauce (which their slogan announces “May be Addictive”) beat out 350 other sauces and took home the price of Best Hot Sauce. While many thought this newby was a one-hit wonder, Papi Joe proved them wrong and has won the hot sauce competition for the past 3 years!

Using Joe’s dehydrated Tabasco Peppers and other all natural ingredients, Papi Joe’s Tennessee Pepper Sauce is great for spicing up everything from eggs to steaks. Papi Joe’s website has a host of great recipes including his famous Cheesy Bacon Dip 

Cheesy Bacon Dip Recipe

Papi Joe’s Cheesy Bacon Dip is great for every get together.

 While you’re shopping also give his hot and sassy Bloody Mary Mix a try!  If you are in or near Tennessee you can find Papi Joe’s Tennessee Pepper Sauce of the Memphis Farmer’s Market, Saturday’s 7am – 1pm, the Colliersville Farmer’s Market on Thursday’s from 8am-1pm. Also on Thursday, you can find them Germantown Farmer’s Market from 4pm-7pm. If you’re not going to be near any of these great markets you can always shop online and follow Papi Joe’s on Facebook.
See you soon at the market!

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