Everything Is Sweeter with Family

On the hunt for the next Farmers Market Finds, we came upon one of our most favorite things….CHOCOLATE! This is always a score when you hitting the markets, since most vendors provide our second favorite thing….SAMPLES!  So catching up with Maura McKnight at her booth The Candy Drawer Confectionary was definitely not a hardship.

If you had asked Maura five years ago what she would be doing today her answer probably would not have been making homemade candies and selling them at farmers markets!  In 2011, Maura and her middle daughter, Becca, decided to make homemade candies for holiday gift giving. The pair headed into the kitchen and before long had created an assortment of caramels and chocolates ready to be shared. The reaction to the sweet treats was so overwhelming that Maura and Becca decided to keep the tradition going.  Within 2 year, friends and family,the benefactors of their gifts, were urging them to take their chocolate making skills to the next level. Before long, The Candy Drawer Confectionary was born.  Their business is truly labor of love, and as it’s grown the rest of the family has joined in the fun. Now Maura’s other two daughters, Mary and Sarah, Mauras husband, Steve, and their son John and his family are each integral parts of bringing sweet treats to homes around the country. 

Homemade chocolate, caramels and candies

Caramels, bon bins and candy corn bark are just a few sweet treats available.

The Candy Drawer Confectionary specializes in small batch confections including a wide variety of caramels, English ToffeeBritish fudge, chocolates, baked goods, and seasonal treats. All of their delicious creations are natural and preservative free.  Named after a good friend of Maura, the “Hoss” Caramels are a true specialty. The Original Salted “Hoss” Caramels, the Smoked Salt “Hoss” Caramels and the Chocolate Topped Smoked Salt Pecan “Hoss” Caramels are their best sellers and are sold in ¼, ½ or full pounds. In addition to caramels, they create chocolate barks, bon-bons, peanut brittle and seasonal confections for every palate. If you find them at the market, check out their baked goods including cookies, cakes, cupcakes and even home-made granola. Or if you are looking for dining options, their line of English Toffee and Fudge are so true to the traditional British confections they are on the dessert menu at The Pure Pasty, a local Virginia restaurant that specializes in British cuisine. The Candy Drawer Confectionary welcomes special orders and most items (not cupcakes, I asked!!) can be shipped. So be sure to check them out before every holiday to see their selection of seasonal confections.  HINT: Mother’ Day is coming!

Stop by and say “Hi” to Maura when visiting the market!

Do Good Fact:  To give back to the community, The Candy Drawer Confectionary donates 10% of the profits from “Hoss” caramels to two local charities.

You can find The Candy Drawer Confectionary at the Mosaic District Farmers Market located in Merrifield, VA just outside of Fairfax, Sundays from 9:30-2:30 and Wednesday’s from 3:30-7 at Wiehle Avenue-Reston East Silver Line metro stations’ Smart Market in the Reston, VA (talk about a commuter’s delight).  If you can’t get to the market, you can shop online. All items are shipped USPS Priority Mail to ensure fast, fresh delivery and the company gurantees you will be delighted with your orders.So the next time you’re looking for something sweet to eat, check out The Candy Drawer Confectionary.

See you soon at the market!

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