I Love Lucky Lucy! (And I Bet You Will Too!)

A few years ago Nicole and Christian Wynant, with their two children Lucy and Aiden, left the arctic tundra of Massachusetts for the balmy shores of North Carolina. Soon after settling in Hampstead, NC, the couple found themselves at one of life’s crossroads about work, life, and parenting. Taking a leap of faith  they decided to follow their dreams of owning their own business and soon Lucky Lucy Candle Company was born.  Lucy, the couples charismatic and totally “adorbs” daughter, quickly  became the face of the company.

Lucky Lucy, the company spokesperson!

To produce a product using the family’s values, they began creating organic soy candles that are dye-free, vegan friendly, and custom scented by Nicole – with some smell testing by the rest of the family! Many of Lucky Lucy’s scents help bring the beach to your home. Mermaid Love Spell is infused with the scents of crisp apples, citrus, peaches cherry blossom and hydrangea.  Lucy’s most popular Surf Surf City with its suntan lotion, coconut, and tropical fruit aroma will transport you to a beautiful beach with your toes in the sand and the warm ocean breeze blowing on your skin. Don’t be surprised when you order a variety of scents that all the candles are the same color. To keep with their belief in making truly natural products, Lucky Lucky Candle Company does not use dye to color their candles.


Lucky Lucy Candles come in twine tied jars that match any room decor or for a more rustic look, Nicole has used her love for treasure hunting around the North Carolina coast to find unused antique canning jars.  The hand painted, vintage jars make a beautiful display for her incredible scents and can be upcycled for flowers long after the candle is gone. These soy based candles have a great burn time! Keep the wicks trimmed and the 3 oz. jar will burn approximately 20 hours, the 8 oz. jar will burn for approximately 70 hours and the 16 oz. jar will burn for about 120 hours. The soy melts can be used, cooled, frozen and used over and over again. Want to get even more value out of these candles? When cool, the melted soy makes a fantastic moisturizer!


Handpainted Mason Jars Add Vintage Charm!

In North Carolina you can find the Lucky Lucy Candle Company on Tuesday and Thursday at the Topsail Beach Craft Market and the Surf City Summer Market.  Not headed to North Carolina? No worries! You can bring the  delightful scents of the Lucky Lucy Candle Company into your home by purchasing them on their Etsy site at the Lucky Lucy Candle Co.  If you do happen to see Lucy at the markets be sure to stop and say “Hello!”  No doubt she will tell you about the latest amazing scents she has been helping create!

See you next time at the market!

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