Czech Out These Eggs

While fresh eggs are on my weekly farmers market shopping list, no egg at my local can compare to the unique egg that my mom found at the Union Square Farmers Market in NYC.  Czech Eggs are the beautifully unique, hand crafted designs of Slavek Duspiva who is keeping alive an art that has been his family’s tradition for over seven generations. Slavek was a successful cafe owner and antique dealer in Prague who met the love of his life, Ana, while she was in Prague visiting her family.  The bond they formed there carried Slavek to Brooklyn.  He brought with him his families timeless craft known as Pysanky or Kraslice – the art of “writing on” ornately decorated eggs.


Decorated Czeck Eggs

Gorgeous Czech Eggs make a beautiful addition to any home.

The eggs themselves are something special.  To keep the tradition, Pysanky eggs are shipped from Eastern Europe to Brooklyn because Czech eggs are approximately 8% larger than a standard American eggs! The Czech eggs provide a large canvas for creating ornate designs including the traditional Madeira design using beeswax and detailed pin drop artwork on the eggs.  Each egg starts by having the insides blown out using tiny holes at the tips of the eggs.  The egg is purified to make it brighter and stronger, then dyed using pigments and beeswax, drilled, and painted.  The detail of the work shows the artistry that has been handed down for hundreds of years and the pride Slavek has for honoring the traditions of his forefathers. 

Painted Czech Eggs

Choose a variety of styles and patterns to customize your assortment of Czech Eggs

In addition to the Madeira design Czech Eggs are designed using wire, etching, and hand painting. They can also be custom ordered.  The eggs are a beautiful collectible and the symbolic egg is perfect for marking the arrival of new life or just a new stage in life. Choose from a wide assortment of colors and designs. You are sure to find one that captures your heart. Of course a set would make a terrific house warming or wedding gift and are wonderful for holiday gifts and decorating. Regardless, the beauty and symbolism of Czech Eggs transcends them into a treasure that needs no reason or season.

Czech Egg Assortments

A collection of Czech Eggs makes a unique gifts for weddings, housewarmings and holidays!

Czech Eggs can be purchased individually or as a basket full. They range in price from $10-$25 for individual eggs. If you are in the New York City area, find Czech Eggs at the Union Square Farmers Market .  Don’t worry if you’re not in NYC, you can purchase online at You can also check them out on Etsy, Facebook,  or contact them at


Gorgeous Assortment of Czech Eggs!

See you at the Market!

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