Look What We Found This Week at the Farmers Market

This week Farmers Market Finds traversed North America in search of great products at local markets.  We bundled up and headed to the frozen tundra of Alberta, Canada, to the home of Little Monkey Metal Works. Check out their beautiful screens; great for adding some really unique design to your living space.

From there we put on our cheese-heads and crossed the border to Wisconsin for some authentic Greek cuisine from Aleka’s Kitchen. This family owned business uses recipes that have been passed down for four generations to make their homemade pastries, soups, olive oil butters and dips. Opa! I love anything Greek!

My farmer’s market co-conspirator Denise is a true Italian. Big hair, smart mouth, talks with her hands and loves Italian food. She couldn’t resist the pasta sauces from Bonta Toscana that she found at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, CA. Bonta Toscana means “Tuscan Goodness”.  The next best thing to going to the Tuscan countryside, is bringing a taste of it home from the market!

Living by the beach in coastal North Carolina, we learn to respect the jellyfish that wash up on our shores and sting our legs. Arizona glass blower John Ryszka versions were not only gorgeous but harmless! Check them out in this week’s video wrap up.

And since we share our work space with our three dogs, Max, Grace and Elizabeth, we couldn’t resist the clever, airplane themed dog bowls from Florida based Taylor’s Dog Treats. So many great designs to choose from!

Want to see what else we found?  Watch the video and follow us on Facebook for daily Farmers Market Finds!

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