Creative Ways to Get Organized

Like everyone else the start of the year has me thinking of areas of my life that need improvement. Organization tops the list, right behind losing weight, exercising more and saving money. I’ve spent these early days of 2015 time blocking my calendar, researching the Whole30 (a diet plan that is designed to kill me a slow painful death while making me thin and fabulous all at the same time), and scheduling 3 hot dates a week with my drying rack, I mean elliptical. So far so good, but it is only January 6th, so lets not get excited yet.

I really am a Smart Chick!

I really am a Smart Chick!

Every year, under the “get organized” column of my life, I vow to be better about remembering important birthdays and anniversarys. Yes, I know I can easily just let Facebook remind me that it’s my BFF’s birthday, and that I forgot to send a card, never mind a gift!  Although my failure to remember is not likely to get me written out of a Will or taken off a guest list, it does make me feel like a mess. I’m a smart chick!  I should be able to manage the simple task of sending a card on time.  Determined to find a creative solution to this problem, I came across the Celebration Calendar from Oregan based,  Just A Little Charm. This painted wood board comes complete with your first 10 charms, personalized with the names and dates you want to remember.Additional Celebration Charms are only $5, so you can remember a lot of friends without breaking the bank!  I love this idea and am convinced that it will inspire me to keep those important dates top of mind. I’ts cute, clever and smart!

Celebration Calendar $75

Celebration Calendar $75

Just A Little Charm started when owner, Jen Alyward began upcycling reclaimed copper from a building that previously housed the Bend Bulletin newspaper offices in Bend, OR. Using the copper flashing that trimmed the edge of the roof, and other materials she salvages, Jen polishes and stamps each piece to create personalized charms that feature dates, poetry and bits of inspiration.You can find Just A Little Charm at artisan festivals across the Pacific Northwest and California, or online at

Charms from $5- $35

Assortment of Charms for to inspire you!

One resolution met! Now on to the elliptical.  Happy New Year everyone! 

One response to “Creative Ways to Get Organized

  1. I love that Just a Little Charm calendar! Every year I say I’m going to sit down and write down all the birthdays on a calendar, just for important dates, it never happens. Eventually someone mails us a card and I feel the guilt, someday it will happen. Kudos though for line drying your laundry you may not be burning calories but your saving on your energy bill, that’s what I tell myself anyways.

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