Good for You, Good for the Planet

In search for the next Farmers Market Find, I came across The Water Bottle Soap Company. This smart business devised a way to reuse empty water bottles as their signature guest soap mold. Doing their part for the environment, they collect empty water bottles and give them a final use before send off to the recycling plant. Eco-friendly, creative and offered in a variety of scents, even their wrappers and labels are eco-friendly or from a sustainable source.

 Choose from a variety of scents.

Choose from a variety of scents.

In keeping with the Farmers Market Finds ideology to promote and respect the efforts of handmade artists. In particular those that exhibit at farmers and artisan markets. I am sharing a few additional thoughts and advice from Darinda Sant-Reyes, the creative mind behind The Water Bottle Soap Co. on getting ready for market. This a great reminder for all crafters and vendors who exhibit at shows.

Getting show ready is always a challenge. I used to stay up all night making soap, labeling, boxing, packing and truth be told praying that my efforts pay off. As with any buying cycle, sometimes there is a pay-off, sometime not, but the most invaluable aspect is the knowledge that I gain with each show. For example, the show I just participated in… I ran out of change twice, I ran out of bags, and I sold out of 4-5 products. Those were a couple of firsts for me, but next time I know to bring change, bags, and oh dear.. make more soap!   Bottom line you can prepare as much as you like but you are never as prepared as should be. So, if you are a crafter thinking about participating in your first show or a seasoned vendor remember to have fun with it. Go out there, engage each customer, and don’t be put off by folks who are “just looking”. Tell your story and talk about your inspiration. People will feel your passion and want to support your cause.

Sharing Their Passion At The Market

Sharing Their Passion At The Market

Follow the link to order The Water Bottle Soap Co products online or catch up with Darinda today at the Coral Springs Hospital Green Market, in Coral Springs, FL.   And if you need one last gift for the holidays, consider this “Mistle Toes” foot care set containing a jar of WBS Body Care Foot Scrub in Rosemary Mint, nail files, clippers, toe separators and nail polish all bagged up and ready to gift!

Mistle Toes makes a great holiday gift!

Mistle Toes makes a great holiday gift!

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