A Most Egg-cellent Christmas Present

I have been frequenting the Kyle Smith Pottery  booth at both the Soda City Farmer’s Market and the Sustainable Midlands Holiday Fair  in Columbia, SC.  A  few weekends ago I decided to purchase a pottery egg cooker, the likes of which I had never seen before.  I purchased my second one last Saturday while finishing my holiday shopping. The first one I purchased is identical to the one in the photo below, but the second one was custom made for my family in Gamecock Garnet and Black!  If you have a desire to simplify your life or eat better in 2014, let me suggest that your pick up one or two of these beautifully crafted,  handy cookers.

Kyle Smith Egg cooker

This fabulous little egg cooker allows you to have delicious scrambled eggs wherever you have a microwave oven.  To use it you simply cracked your eggs in the bowl, stir, place the unique lid on top, and cook in the microwave for 45-60 seconds.  The timing depends on how you like your eggs, how many eggs you cook, and how many toppings you put in the bowl.  No butter or oil needed!

Personally, I cook one egg for 30 seconds and add cheese and my toppings (scallions, bacon, veggies) and cook for another 30 seconds.  Voila… perfectly cooked scrambled eggs! Now, you may be thinking of the rubbery texture that microwaved eggs have when you buy them at fast food restaurants, but the pottery eggs don’t have that consistency.  Eggs made in the Kyle Smith Egg Cooker come out as light and fluffy, as if you made them on the stove.

I intend to use the Eggcellent invention as part of my 2014 healthy eating plan. I never eat protein for breakfast because a) I don’t have time and b) the only think I can think of “eating” in the morning is coffee! Now, I will keep eggs, cheese and a small bag of veggies at my office and will be able to cook a quick, delicious, protein filled meal any time of the day.   It is my number one recommendation for healthy cooking in 2014!

The Soda City Farmers Market in Downtown Columbia, SC is open on Saturdays from 9 AM – 1PM.   The Sustainable Holiday Market  is an annual event held the first Monday evening after Thanksgiving in downton Columbia, SC.  The market features artisans and craftspeople and is a great way to kick off the holiday season! Put it on your calendar for next year.


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