Moving Art

The next time you’re stopped at a railroad crossing, instead of looking at your phone, look at the display of moving art that’s rolling by. Frank Heflin at Soda City Farmer’s Market has done just that and turned the travelling art exhibit, created by 100’s of anonymous graffiti artists, into wonderful works of art.

Frank Heflin

Frank’s artistry turns the travelling art show into unique and intriguing framed pieces, coasters, wall hangings, and more.  Stop by Frank’s Graffiti Arts booth at the Soda City Farmer’s Market to comb through dozens of images taken as the freight trains roll through Columbia, SC.  Studying the wide display of images, phrases, and designs, one can’t help but wonder about the lives of these talented graffiti artists.  It is amazing how just a few words or images scrolled on the side of a train can evoke such thought and meaning.

Message in a Bottle

On the sunny Saturday which I first discovered Frank Heflin’s Graffiti Art, I was lucky enough to have my mother with me.  As we reviewed the art she came across a matted image of MOM sprayed on a railroad car and that image immediately spoke to both of us.  What was the artist thinking?  Was he merely paying homage to his mother? Was he longing to be wrapped in the safe arms of his childhood? Was he dreaming of a relationship cut short by life’s trials?  We can’t know what the artist was thinking but seeing those words, purposefully sprayed onto the side of a railroad car, evoked many emotions from both me and my mother.  The piece now hangs in her home in New York City.

Mom – For the Moms in Our Lives

When you look at Frank Heflin’s Graffiti Art you are likely to see images that move you and make you wonder about the artist and their lives, and while we will likely never know how that piece of moving art travelled from its creation to Assembly Street or Huger Street or the many other railroad crossings around Columbia, SC, we are grateful that Frank Heflin stops to capture this moving exhibit.

Grafitti is my religion

Click here to view more of Frank’s images 

The Soda City Farmers Market in Downtown Columbia, SC is open on Saturdays from 9 AM – 1PM.  Don’t miss it!


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