March of the Wooden…Golf Carts?

I hope the title peaked your curiosity and conjured up images of the iconic classic movie, “March of the Wooden Soldiers“. This has long been a favorite of mine. I was always fascinated by Mother Hubbard’s “boot house”, but even more by the Toymaker’s workshop. Ironically, when I met Paul Guerin at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market my first connection was to that movie and in my mind he became the “Toymaker”. I have been wanting to share this find with you for weeks. I chose to wait because I’m morally opposed to promoting for Christmas/Hanukkah before we get through Halloween, and I wanted to make sure you were starting to think about your holiday shopping lists. The detailed, wooden toys that Paul hand-crafts are a fabulous addition for every “kid” on your list, big or small!

Paul Guerin spent over 40 years in construction. With “sawdust in his blood”, and the inspiration of his wife, encouragement of his daughter and motivation of his grandchildren, he began selling his wooden toys at local farmers markets in July 2012. A lover of toys, when asked which his favorite is Paul replies “usually the one I just made.” Each toy is handcrafted using only glue and dowels; no nails, screws or staples. They are typically 6x6x12 in size, and made of mahogany, walnut, oak, poplar and aspen. Once completed, the toys are field tested by his grandson Max, to insure high quality, serious fun! With his approval, Paul and his sales specialist, Ally (Max’s twin sister) are off to the markets in Southport, Oak Island and Carolina Beach where Paul’s toys sell for $25-$50.


Great Gift for Your Favorite Golfer

Although I’m not a golfer, it is on my “To Do” list of things to learn. When I saw this golf cart on Paul’s tabletop at the local farmers market, with its detailed golf bags and removable clubs, I knew this would make a perfect gift for your favorite golfer! Set it on a shelf, desk, or in an office as décor and you will have created a favorite token for the golf lover in your life.

Tons of Fun!

The dump truck, and grader reminded me so much of my son and the Tonka trucks that fueled his creativity (and the craters he left in our yard) when he was a child. Now fully grown, I’ve added these to his list hoping that it will bring back all those wonderful childhood memories of carefree hours playing in the dirt.

This next one is for my husband, who has been a Jeep enthusiast for as long as I’ve known him. Living in Wilmington, we are fortunate to live near a beach that you can actually drive out on. So when we are not shopping the various farmers markets, you can find us spending lazy, summer weekends parked in the sand, listening to the waves and basking in the sun. I won’t lie, it’s a good life and this replica of our Jeep will keep the summer vibes with us year round!


Life is better at the BEACH!

Now if you are unable to make it to these markets, no worries. Paul’s toys are available on Esty under the name Last Resort 52, or you can call him directly at (910) 619-6133 from 8-4 EST to place your order. Cash and credit cards are accepted. And for those purchasing a toy for a child, some of the toys have small pieces that do require parental discretion for anyone under 3 years old.

‘Tis the season, so be sure to put Paul and his wooden toys on your Holiday List!


Don’t miss the train on this one!


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