Did I Miss the Class on Pumpkin Carving?

Is it just me or has Halloween become incredibly competitive? I thought it was tough enough with the costumes, which seem to have gotten smaller as I have gotten older. Now it’s the pumpkins! Don’t get me wrong, I love, and have laughed hysterically at some of the pumpkins that have popped up on my Facebook and Pinterest feeds. I commend these folks for their creativity and incredible talent. I especially love the cheeseburger featured below, and can certainly relate to the ‘birthing” pumpkin. Although that one is a little too close to home! However, I must admit I am feeling a bit inadequate in the pumpkin decorating department. I’m afraid my skills are limited to old school Jack-O-Lanterns with triangle shaped eyes and a couple of missing teeth.

picstitch pumpkins

I was relieved, albeit a bit sad, that my kids seem to have reached an age that I am no longer expected to engage in this craft. My son and his girlfriend took it upon themselves to create this masterpiece.  Again, I simply cannot compete! Was there a pumpkin carving class I missed in college? Regardless, whether you are an amateur like me, or a master pumpkin carver looking to win an award for your mad skills, enjoy the season and all the creativity it brings.

Caseys pumpkin

Personally, I have decided to move in another direction. Staying true to the course and buying my flowers at the farmers markets, I plan to pick up some small pumpkins and try this craft courtesy of Small Home Big Start. 

Small Home Big Start

In the meantime, don’t forget pumpkins and flowers , along with a wide variety of produce and products are readily available at farmers market around the country and will make you feel good regardless of the season! So take advantage of these last few glorious weeks of Fall and be sure check them out!

3 responses to “Did I Miss the Class on Pumpkin Carving?

  1. These are impressive! I still love to carve pumpkins and LOVE to decorate and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, but I’m not into the ornate carvings. But it’s great to see these incredible

  2. (Whoops! Sent too early)…these incredible masterpieces! Love the idea of the flowers in pumpkins, very pretty. I’m more of a gourd gal, myself.

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