Hawaii is Calling Me

I have always been a believer in “signs”.  You know those messages from a higher power that send you toward or away from a path.  In fact, one of the reasons Farmers Market Finds began was because the signs along the path kept leading me to this place.  Well I woke this morning to an unseasonably cold and dreary day in North Carolina.  Needing to book a ticket for a business trip, I jumped on an airline website and started my search.  But somewhere along the process, I decided to search Hawaii as a connection from my intended destination.  You know…just to see what the fares were like.   This led me to check my frequent flier miles, and have several conversations with myself about how I should/should not being doing this!  Like picking the petal off a lovelorn flower, I ended with I should not.

My next undertaking of the day was to hunt down another fabulous Farmers Market Find for my Facebook/Twitter pages.  The first thing to pop up was this photo from the Hilo Farmers Market in Hawaii, featuring tropical aprons and potholders from Auntie Annies.  Buying an apron seemed like an excellent excuse to go to Hawaii, and I couldn’t resist the bright colors on such a gray day. So I posted the picture and moved on to the next task.

Auntie Annies Hilo

Continuing on my proverbial “to-do” list , I began to search for my “It Makes Me Happy” picture, which I promised I would be posting weekly…just because it makes me happy :).  I typed “farmers market” in the WordPress search box and the first blog to pop up was from Live Hilo, a blog by a fabulous lady named Carla,and her life in Hilo, Hawaii. Ready for some more signs? Perhaps these are insignificant to you, but when it comes to signs I believe they are all worth considering. Live Hilo uses the same WordPress theme as Farmers Market Finds.  One more, Carla began her blog in August as did I,  with the desire to share her stories, love of Hilo and some of the goings-on in her community.  Hmmm, all of this sounds vaguely familiar and the signs are making me think I should reconsider my plan to go to Ireland this Spring and head to Hawaii instead.

Image Courtesy of Colourbox

So getting back to the original purpose of the day, which was to find my “happy” picture, I share this Beehive Ginger picture from Carla and Live Hilo. Among his many talents, my husband has always been wonderful about sending me flowers. He knows I love them, and he spares no expense at sending me some of the most incredible flowers, often for no reason at all. Several years ago he sent a massive bouquet, that I foolishly did not photograph.  The selection was all tropical and there were several flowers that looked similar to this Beehive Ginger, although at the time I thought they looked a bit like pineapples.  I had never seen anything like it, but recall it always made me think of Hawaii….go figure!

Beehive Ginger Courtesy of Live Hilo

More to come on our trip to Hawaii and the Hilo Farmers Market!


3 responses to “Hawaii is Calling Me

  1. Loving your blog! And, it looks like we started our blogs around the same time, August 2013. 🙂 Enjoy your trip to Hawaii, can’t wait to read more.

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