Fabulous Finds in Vail

There is something to be said for attending a farmers market in an upscale destination like Vail.  Although you may pay more for lodging and dining, you also get the benefit of seeing high quality arts, crafts and home décor.  I expected this, and the Vail Farmers Market did not disappoint.  There were so many really unique items worth sharing, but here were two of my favorite finds.

Typical of most markets, I expected to see lovely pottery. That being said, the bowls I found at Donna Causland’s booth were certainly anything but typical. Donna is full time Ceramic Artist, Designer and Teacher. Her unique bowls, vases and teapots are sold in the summer at the Vail Farmer’s Market & Art Show,  the Aspen Saturday Market, and through a handful of galleries. She also creates custom work and teaches workshops at the Breckenridge Arts District arts center during the winter season.  The vibrant colors of these flower shaped bowls were what first caught my eye. But as I looked closer and saw the little frogs sitting on the petals, I knew I had found something really special!  Sure you can find flower shaped bowls in lots of places, probably even HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. But they will certainly not be anything like these.  And whether you use the bowls to hold your rings, or just set them out as beautiful décor, those little frogs, especially the ones with the crowns, will brighten your day.   So if you are looking for some really fun home décor or a great gift for a special friend check out The Ceramic Artwork of Donna Causland or catch her at the market.

Love the frog!

Right next to Donna’s booth, was my next Farmers Market Find. Now before I go further I have to tell you that I’m a Pisces, which apparently makes me partial to purple and green. I learned this year’s ago while on vacation in Gloucester, MA. I entered a store named Pisces and found myself immersed in a sea (no pun intended) of purple and green…jewelry, home décor, pottery.  Perhaps a little overwhelmed by the treasure I had found, I said to the store clerk, “These are MY colors.”  She of course said, “Are you a Pisces, because purple is considered the color of that astrological sign and blue/greens are paired with Aquarius, which falls directly before Pisces in the Zodiac?” Now I promise, I’m not going to get too bizarre with this. I read my horoscope from time to time, and I must admit that although Cosmopolitan is no longer my magazine of choice, I do still buy the January issue for the Bedside Astrologer. Who doesn’t want to know when their love days are going to be?  Anyway, what I can’t deny is the pull I have to these two colors.  So yes, I was immediately drawn to the Kool Kitchen Bamboo Blue bowl shown below and have put it on my Christmas list.

IMG_3074 - Copy

My soon-to-be new Kool Bamboo Blue bow!

Originally crafted by Peggy Potter, these bowls were sold under the name Peggy Potter Bowls.   After 20 years, of creating these luminous, hand-painted, heirloom quality bowls, Peggy was looking for someone who could take over her business.  A fortuitous meeting with Lea Tyler, a mixed media artist living in Carbondale, CO provided Peggy with an opportunity to insure that her art would continue for generations to come. Lea, currently operates under the name Tylerware.  I encourage you to take a look and find the bowl in YOUR colors and be sure to add it to your gift list too!  And if you are looking for a great wedding or bridal shower gift, Lea can include an inscription on the bottom of the bowl adding a lovely personal touch. Tylerware bowls definitely get a spot on my Top Farmers Market Finds list!


Come and pick your favorite!

About the Vail Farmers Market: Open Sundays June 16 -Sept 22, 2013 on Meadow Drive in Vail Village from 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM. Be sure to check their website http://vailfarmersmarket.com/ for special events and activities.

See you at the Market!


4 responses to “Fabulous Finds in Vail

  1. I loved opening up my e-mail and seeing this post waiting for me (if you haven’t subscribed I suggest you do so!!) Not only did I get a much needed laugh during the day (Cosmo bedside astrologer!! Haha) I also saw these beautiful bowls!! Thanks for sharing something I could never find elsewhere. They’re beautiful.

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