Eating our Way Through the Vail Farmers Market

If you read “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”, you already know I’m in love with Vail. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that my new favorite village boasts an incredible Sunday farmers market! Icing on the cake for sure! We woke Sunday morning to grey skies and a light drizzle. I was slightly disappointed, but after the incredible weather the day before, I decided I should just count my blessings.

The Vail Farmers Market is the largest farmers market in Colorado playing host to over 100 vendors. My first recommendation, and you will hear me say this often, go hungry! Although I anticipated that there would be food choices, I was thrilled with the options. Realizing that Vail is all about the better things in life, I should have expected nothing less!  From empanadas to crepes, you can satisfy any craving. Did I mention crepes?  Carbs or no carbs, I can’t resist them.  So my first stop was at the Crêpes Á La Cart’s booth. Try the Chèvre Comfit,  French for goat cheese and raspberry jam.They were excellent, and portable, allowing me to continue shopping.


Photo courtesy of A La Carte Crepes

If crepes are not your thing, there are plenty of baked goods, cheeses, breads, and homemade pastas. There was also a nice assortment of gluten-free options as well. Colorado is known for its healthy lifestyle so if you have the sound of your mother’s voice in your head saying, “Make good choices!”, consider trying  a granola bar from Bee Nut Free. Your body will thank you for it!   Jo-Anne Tyson, owner of Bee Nut Free was exceptionally nice and  shared some great information about food allergens and the benefits of ingredients like ginger and cinnamon that help improve your digestive system.  Jo-Anne is a wealth of knowledge, so if you are looking for allergen-free food information check out her blog at  And if you find yourself planning a 3-mile hike up a mountain, be sure to take a Sunflower Fig Ginger Energy Bar in your pack to sustain you along the way. Lest you find yourself, like us, thinking the end is near before reaching the final trail marker!

Bags & Boxes

Photo courtesy of Bee Nut Free and David Hebble Photography

Not interested in healthy options while on vacation? Just need a little something sweet?  Got you covered!  Stop by Ruth’s Toffee for a little piece of candy heaven.  Rarely can I resist toffee, whether it’s in candy form, as a topping, or baked in a pie. Doesn’t matter. It’s on my favorite list.  So, I caved, as I knew I would as soon as I saw Ruth’s sign. I bought a small bag with the intention of bringing it home to share with the family.  Now if you are thinking Heath bar….think again. This is the real deal!  Handmade by Ruth using her family recipe, the flavor is amazing.  And I am ashamed to say it never did make it home. In fact, thanks to a 2-hour layover in the Denver Airport it never made it out of Colorado!  Another nutritious meal on the road!   Ruth’s Toffee is offered in a variety of sizes and assortments and is available in a classy gold box, so keep this in mind, for a sweet gift!


Photo Courtesy of Ruth’s Toffee

About the Vail Farmers Market: Open Sundays June 16 -Sept 22, 2013 on Meadow Drive in Vail Village from 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM. Be sure to check their website for special events and activities.

See you at the Market!


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